Monday, 12 May 2014

Kurimu (228) - We Will Remember You Always

It has been sometimes since I last posted my blog. Traumatic incident happened recently, it took me sometimes to recover from sadness and slight depression before I could come back to this blog again.

27th Apr 14 was a sad Sunday to us. Kurimu past away on that day. Everything happened in sudden. I do not want to go through the traumatic and sad detail again. What I could share over here is that both hubby and I accompanied Kurimu until his last breath.

He was suspected having gastrointestinal problem (diarrhea once only), but the real reason was unknown. Everything happened in sudden. There was no critical symptom until that Sunday morning (27th Apr). Everything came in sudden. The vet couldn't help him much. We took Kurimu back home. I could feel he was in pain. He still tapped his tail when we called his name. He couldn't pull through that night. Finally he has to give up and leaved us at 10:20pm.

We miss him alot. So does Kusky. On the first two days, Kuksy meow loudly to look for Kurimu, especially at around 11:00pm where this is the time they both always play 'catch and fight' with each other. I can sense Kusky loneliness. For the past 2 weeks, I was so worried about him. He is adapting himself quite well now. 

I miss the meowing alarm from Kurimu that wakes me up at 6am every morning; I miss Kurimu tummy smell; I miss he hopped on my lap when I was preparing food for him; I miss the way he rushed to hide himself when I pulled up the wet towel from the container and ready to clean his paw after he stepped out form the sand box; I miss the way he sited and waited for his dinner on the newspaper; I miss he will follow where ever I go (up-stairs, down stairs, bathroom, cooing... everywhere); I miss the way he played his rainbow color rope; I miss the way he looked at me and blinked his eyes softly; I miss the way he slept on the sofa and my bed, all 4 legs opened widely and sometimes tongue out; I miss the way he always came to sniff our food although he was not interested to eat; I miss the way he meow loudly at the glass door or main door, wanting us to open the door to let him go out; I miss the way he open all doors in my house, especially the way he open the sliding door intelligently; I miss the way he hide behind my pillow when playing at night, and amazingly he understand my command when I asked him to go and hide behind the pillow! Most... I miss the way he liked to be carried.... I miss his attitude, his personality, his cute rounded face, his friendliness.... everything about him.

All these while, I thought we are going to spend our life together for at least 10 years. I didn't aspect Kurimu leaved us so much early. Kurimu will always be in our heart and mind. He is one of the most lovely kitty that I have ever had! 

If there is life after death, I wish he is waiting for me at the other side of the world, we will meet again one day. If there is reincarnation, I wish he will reincarnate to be a happy human being and perhaps we could meet again in the next life as good friends or family members.

It's hard to let go, but we will gradually learn to remember the best of him and keep the best of him in our heart and mind. 

Kurimu joined our family on 27th Apr 2013 and leaved us on 27th Apr 2014. He was about 1 year 4 months old.... :(

Note: This blog will continue on with the same title 'Kusky & Kurimu'. I will still continue to post photos of Kurimu, which I have not posted before.