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Kusky (6) - What A Playful Kitten He Is!

IMG_1196_zpsf22a69fd photo IMG_1196_zpsf22a69fd.jpg  Somehow I feel I am so lucky that all my cats know how to play fetch. AHU is good in bringing cloth from our bedroom door to downstairs living hall; while Kusky is really good in playing fetch in every where, just like a K9! Normally we crumpled 1/2 A4 size paper and threw it far and high in the air. Kusky will definitely be standing at the other end waiting for the paper to fall. Sometimes he could wait patiently until the paper touched the floor, but most of the time he just jumped to grap the paper, then pick it up with either his teeth or lips, and bring the paper back to me. This action keeps on repeating for several times until he is tired of the routine. Sometimes he needs to use his tongue to push the paper out from his mouth! That's the cutest thing I have ever seen from a cat!! The above picture was taken after his first week with us. He is such an adorable little cute kitty! 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Kusky (5): Hide & Seek

These photos were taken on the sixth day Kusky blended into the family. Kusky is a highly self-sustained kitten. He is such a creative boy that loves to create things around him as his toy. A small piece of paper, ribbons, table tennis ball, cotton bulb.... he turns all to become his toy with little magic that he has! Ting** Look at this! This little fellow turn the mattress as his play ground to play 'hide & seek' with me. Kusky is such a cute darling! Photobucket Blur face... blur expression. Photobucket 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Kusky (2): You Melt My Heart

IMG_0764_zps9cd5fea5  This photo was taken on the first day Kusky joint our family. He was meowing non-stop since he first arrived, poor little fellow. However, Kusky didn't take long to adapt to his new surrounding. He fall into deep sleep after showing his anxiety for a while. Look at him, he is so adorable, isn't he? :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Kusky (1): When He First Joint the Family

Photobucket  As mentioned before, Kusky joint our family on 1st December 2012. My actual intention was just to visit kittens and cats in a local pet shop, but end up brought this little furry friend back with me. I just couldn't leave my eyes from him after meeting him for the first time, I guess that's what people call: love at first sight.  He has most of what an American Short Hair has: very short but very thick fur, short chin with oval-round face, very tough and muscular body and most importantly he has half shut eyes that makes him looks like Garfield and a pair of chubby and well developed 'cheek'. I know he is not pure breed, but because I love him so much, I won't care much what breed he actually is. Just picked him up and bring him back home! He came back in a box. He was shy and anxious to walk out from the box. He meow alot, but was soundless. He was such a little cute kitty that learned to adapt to his new environment.