Saturday, 31 August 2013

Kurimu (135) - Support Underneath

Kurimu loves to sit on papers, all kinds of paper made materials. Most of the times he will roll on the newspaper in front of me, it's a sign where he wants to get attention or to be petted.

Look at him! He looks cool and calm sitting on the box cover! He simply enjoys it!!

 photo IMGa_6535_resize_zpsa0b22f22.jpg

 photo IMGa_6536_resize_zps96924df4.jpg

 photo IMGa_6537_resize_zps283f3bce.jpg

Friday, 30 August 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (134) - Playing Hide & Seek

Cats somehow like boxes very much. They like to jump in, jump out and playing hide and seek with each other in the boxes. I placed 3 empty boxes in the living room, basically the boxes serve as their playground. They play in it and most of the time they bite the edge into pieces.

 photo IMGa_6526_resize_zpsf5ebfbac.jpg 
Kurimu was getting very excited when he spotted Kusky's fat tail hanging outside the box.

 photo IMGa_6527_resize_zpsb67cb11f.jpg 
Kurimu was pulling Kusky's tail up into his mouth!

 photo IMGa_6528_resize_zps591b1325.jpg 
"Hey bro! Give me FIVE!!" 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Some Common Cats' Behavior (III)

The Foot Attack
Even the most domesticated cat may fell the urge to practice its predatory skills. Some cats make up elaborate prey games, hiding underneath furniture or behind a door waiting for their owner to stroll by and the leaping out and attacking their feet. The cat is not trying to hurt you but is simply reacting to an instinctive urge to hunt. The cat can be discouraged by providing it with more playtime or providing it with a feline playmate.

In the wild, when a cat takes down prey it will often carry it to a safe place to consume it. The indoor cat's equivalent of this behavior is to retrieve objects in the same way a dog plays fetch.

Both Kusky and Kurimu play fetch! :)

Sucking, Nursing or Chewing On Materials
Thought to be a behavior more common if a kitten has been weaned too early, some cats will suck or nurse on materials or objects. While some kittens outgrow this behavior, putting something on the item that is distasteful to the cat, such as paprika, cologne or citrus scent, can discourage the behavior. Some cats seem addicted to chewing on photographs or paper. Some people believe that some cats detect a slight odor or that the coolness and texture of the plastic feels and tastes good on the cat's toungue. 
A related activity is called 'Pica', an abnormal compulsion to eat things that are not usually food. While rare, some cats especially the Oriental breeds, are noted for snacking on everything from sweaters to phone cords.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Some Common Cats' Behavior (Part II)

Young kittens instinctively knead their mother's nipples with their tiny forepaws while nursing. The kneading stimulates the flow of milk. When a kitten kneads the lap of his owner, it is mirroring the same happiness that it felt nursing at his mother's belly. 
While most people recognize and appreciate the privilege a cat bestows when kneading on their person, if the kneading is uncomfortable, too enthusiastic, or continues too long, the cat can be gently discouraged by simply distracting it. Keeping the cat's nail clipped short helps too.

Burying Food
If a cat does not like the taste of wet food on a plate, it may try to 'bury' it by scratching repeatedly on the floor or covering it up with whatever might be in the area - a mat, bed, or toy. Even if the cat likes the food, if there is more than it can eat at once, it will scrape its paw along the floor as if covering the food. This is an instinctive behavior left over from when a wild cat would bury the remains of a kill to eat later.

Running Water
The sound and motion of water pouring from a tap is mesmerizing to many cats. It is probably a feast for the senses as it stimulates hearing, sight, smell and touch. Many cats prefer to drink from a running tap, as the water is fresh. Water that has been standing even a few hours loses some of its oxygen content, which changes its taste.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Some Common Cats' Behavior (Part I)

Inappropriate Biting
Just like human babies, kittens have the urge to chew and bite when they are teething. Or a cat may scratch or bite without warning when you are petting or playing with it, as a result of over stimulation. 

I like to play with AHU bare handed, end up having lots of scratch marks on my hands and arms.  To correct either situation, you may distract the cat with a toy that is a more acceptable object for aggression. Normally I will use soft toy to replace my hands.

It is important to teach cats 'Social Play' at their early age so that they will learn to behave appropriately and respond to environment/social stimuli properly. 

Bad Litter Tray Habits

If a previously clean cat begins scratching outside the litter box, this is a signal that the cat is not happy about something. It may be that the tray needs to be cleaned or it is not comfortable with the feel of the litter, the smell of the litter, they type of tray, or even the location of the tray.

Clawing Furniture

Contrary to popular belief. when a cat claws the furniture it is not sharpening its claws. Scratching helps the cat to remove the old claw sheath to expose the new, sharp ones. Cats also scratch on objects to mark their territory by stimulating the release of a scent from glands located between the paw pads. 

To reduce the damage, it's best to have at least a scratching board or a scratch-able cat tree at home.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Cat's Facinating Facts

Cats can suffer a mid-life crisis, especially if they are bored. They need to be mentally and physically stimulated throughout their life.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kurimu (133) - In The Arm

Kurimu is such a darling kitten since the first day I brought him back from a foster home. He is the kind of kitten which will try to stay near to you, rubbing your legs with his body, sitting beside you when you are on the sofa, lying on your arm and body while you are on the bed & etc.

Look at him when he is in hubby's arm! CUTE to the max!

 photo IMGa_6521_resize_zps6ef98a37.jpg

 photo IMGa_6522_resize_zpsa22f25fe.jpg

Monday, 12 August 2013

Kusky (132) - Rounded

Kusky is getting rounded from day to day. He is the kind of kitty that doesn't like to be carry or pet. Occasionally he will push his head to my palm, asking for gentle stroke. 

The more I look at him, the more I feel like hugging him tight!

 photo IMGa_6510_resize_zps2636c714.jpg

 photo IMGa_6512_resize_zps7a0d5b76.jpg

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Kurimu (131) - Showing Teeth

 photo IMGa_6499_resize_zpsc24554df.jpg 
I just don't understand why my cats love to show their teeth while sleeping...
They are.....


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (130) - Sleeping In Air-Con Room

Most of the time we will on air-conditioner in the living room for the whole day. When temperature drops, this is what you will get to see on my sofa....

 photo IMGa_6476_resize_zpsdf16e099.jpg

 photo IMGa_6477_resize_zpsb7ae0908.jpg

 photo IMGa_6478_resize_zps63ce04fd.jpg

 photo IMGa_6479_resize_zps078f0193.jpg

 photo IMGa_6481_resize_zps21fa80fe.jpg

 photo IMGa_6483_resize_zpsb3706707.jpg

 photo IMGa_6484_resize_zpsccf64e31.jpg
Tongue out again...

 photo IMGa_6485_resize_zps546c3ca4.jpg

 photo IMGa_6488_resize_zpsf9d6ba58.jpg

 photo IMGa_6489_resize_zps754bbad4.jpg

Friday, 9 August 2013


Catnip is a plant native to North America. Fresh leaves of the catnip plant have a mintlike scent, while dried leaves smell like alfafa. Watching a cat respond to catnip amuses most people. Pawing, clasping, rolling onto the side, and rhythmic kicking with the back feet is behavior similar to that displayed when they detect and capture prey. Some cats enjoy catnip and revel in its effects, while other cats appear to avoid it., despite prior displays of catnip sensitivity. 

Generally male and female cats of ca reproductive age are more sensitive to catnip than very young or old cats. Catnip is not toxic to pets. It contains chemical which is similar to human hallucinogens.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cat's Facinating Facts

2 out of 3 cat owners allow their cats to sleep on their bed at night. This can keep your toes warm and allows you to fall asleep with a soothing purring in your ears.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Cats' Sleep

The average cat sleeps for 13-18 hours daily. New born kittens sleep even more, almost 24 hours per day! This is an instinctive behavior that protects them in the wild, as while they are asleep, that keeps them to stay in the nest more often and keeps them from involving in danger. It's also the best way to keep kittens from predator. 

As kittens grow, the proportion of sleeping to time awake gradually changes until they attain typical adult cat sleep patterns. Like human being, cats will sleep more when they are getting older.

1/3 of cat's sleep fall in REM Stage (Rapid Eye Movement). This this stage, cats will twitch their eyes, twitching the muscles, growls and purrs. 

A cat can sleep every where but prefers a sleeping place that makes it feel safe. Most like to sleep up high on a cupboard or shelf; some like enclosed spaces such like under the cough or in the wardrobe. Some even like to sleep in bathroom sink especially on hot day. Most cats cuddle up to a warm spot near a heater in winter. 

Temperature also affects the cat's sleeping position. When cold, cats tend to curl up in a ball and put their face between their paws to reduce body heat loss. When hot, they will sleep stretch out with the belly turned upward to release the body heat.

 photo IMGa_6324_resize_zpsc4386985.jpg 
Kusky stretch out his body and show his belly upwards when he is feeling hot after sleeping on leather sofa for some time...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Dry Cat Food

 photo IMGa_6475_resize_zps323c13dd.jpg 
The first dry cat food that we bought for Kusky was Royal Canin. He consumed RC brand for quite sometimes, from RC for kittens to a few RC adult cat formulas. 

It's hard to find premium cat food in Melaka. I have been trying very hard to look for greater cat food for my furry kids. I read articles saying that cats shouldn't take too much of grain products, protein should be their natural diet. Most dry cat food that we could find on the shelves contain grains, corns and other form of  carbohydrates. In long run, too much of carbohydrates may cause obesity, diabetes & other health problems to cats.

After reading some articles and forums, I decided to find high protein + free grain food for my cats. EVO was the first choice of brand. Unfortunately I found an announcement from EVO official website regarding product call back due to  contagious of salmonella disease. I returned a 7kg pack EVO dry food to the seller and exchange it with another brand - Orijen. Suprisingly Kusky and Kurimu love Orijen so much! Currently I am feeding them the 2nd pack of 6.8kg Orijen and occasionally feeding them ACANA fish to add variety to their food. (ACANA is a product from same company as Orijen).

I see drastic weight gain in Kusky after feeding him Orijen. He gained about 700g after a month. He doesn't seem to be fat, but rather look bigger and more masculine. Kurimu gained weight as well, but not as much as Kusky. Kurimu turns to be longer and more masculine as well. On 4th August 2013, these are their weight record:

I strongly recommend Orijen to all cats owner. Although Orijen's crude protein may not be as high as EVO (Orijen's=42%; EVO's=50%) and it's more pricy than EVO, I strongly believe its' quality and the goodness that it brings to my cats. In fact, Orijen was the leading brand in the world and won 'Pet Food of The Year' for 3 consecutive years. 

Find more from Orijen official website: 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Kurimu (128) - Headshots

Kurimu is growing up fast. All his baby fats turn into muscle now. He looks more masculine compare to months ago. 

 photo IMGa_6424_resize_zpsf7bfaa6c.jpg
The more I look at him, the deeper I fall in love with him!

 photo IMGa_6435_resize_zpsd48fa8cb.jpg
Kurimu is such a gorgeous sweetheart!

 photo IMGa_6437_resize_zps05538b89.jpg

 photo IMGa_6438_resize_zps5f7d38b7.jpg

 photo IMGa_6441_resize_zps9422dfa9.jpg

 photo IMGa_6508_resize_zpsbe33c7e7.jpg

 photo IMGa_6514_resize_zpsc78e4b5f.jpg

 photo IMGa_6516_resize_zps547d8304.jpg

 photo IMGa_6519_resize_zps429894c5.jpg
What are you searching for sweetheart?

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