Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Zafiro (264) - Cute!

Execuse me, may I know what are you having? (ask politely like a British...hehe)

Would you mind sharing some with me, please?

It looks yummy and finger licking good!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Zafiro (263) - What's That?

Accidentally took this photo of Zafiro. He looks cute and curious in this picture, but in reality... most of the time he looks very unfriendly. hehe...

Monday, 25 August 2014

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Kusky & Zafiro (261) - Building Trust

Like human beings, cats need a lot of trust to get along with each other or with other species. Trust doesn't built immediately, it is developed over time, through lots of understanding and interactions. 

Zafiro tried hard to gain acceptance from Kusky. He rub his head on Kusky, run to him and sit calmly to allow Kusky to put his palm on his forehead. Zafiro is trying to send messages like: I am submissive, I surrender, I am not dominant, I want to make friend... After a few tries, Kusky gradually accept Zafiro as a family member, play with him and even share food with him or nap with him.

Zafiro's hard work finally paid off! And now... since Kusky already accepted him, Zafiro takes turn to be the bully kitty bullying his big bro Kusky.... @@

Zafiro was stretching his neck and putting his forehead to Kusky, hoping Kusky could help to lick him...

Unfortunately Zafiro's first attempt didn't work....

Zafiro then sat quietly and kept a comfortable social distance from Kusky... 

 So cute two of them!! :)

 Zafiro wanted to try again....

 But he lost his courage... Kusky then decided to turn and look at Zafiro...

 This time Kusky sniff Zafiro's feet first. Kusky took the initiative to bridge the relationship!

 Without a second... Zafiro quickly took the opportunity and put his head on Kusky! Zafiro is an opportunist! He knows when to take action!! In the end, Kusky really licked Zafiro's forehead for a few minutes!

See! Zafiro is asking for attention again!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Zafiro (260) - Playing

Like a young kid, a 4 months old plus kitten is always so curious and playful....

Friday, 22 August 2014

Kuksy & Zafiro (259) - The First Picture of Kusky & Zafiro

Zafiro is a new family member. Most of the time Kusky acted as Zafiro's mentor and coach, teaching and showing every single corner of the house and bring play with him.

When Zafiro is too vocal and too active, Kusky will take action to teach him some small lesson, asking him to behave accordingly. I know it's hard to believe what I wrote, however it is true.

Following are Kusky and Zafiro's first photo. Kusky taught Zafiro to stay and enjoy overall view at the staircases. Both of them are so cute and beautiful! I am glad that they are my babies! :)

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Zafiro (258) - Introducing My New Family Member

Zafiro is our new family member. He joined our family since 12 July 2014. Hubby and I went to fetch him back from a cattery in Shah Alam. He was only 4 months 10 days old when we fetched him back to Melaka. He is a blue British Shorthair. Alec is his actual first name as registered in TICA. However I prefer to call his middle name (as that name is given by myself) - Zafiro. Zafiro in Spain means Sapphire (blue stone).

He is a March boy! He was about 2.2kg when he first came to Melaka, and after roughly 1 month 1 week, he is now 3kg! He is a typical British Shorthair that doesn't like to be picked up or becoming a lap cat. However you will see him where ever you are. He will be observing you cutting your vegetable in the kitchen, he will sit on coffee table and see you watching TV, he will be waiting for you outside the bathroom while you are taking bath.... he is a 100% sweet boy.

Now he learned to be a nit naughty now: he meow loudly at 5:30am every day. He just wanted to wake me up so that someone could swing the teaser and play with him. He fetches scrambled paper or anything that he could carry with his mouth. He knows how to kick ping pong ball and his skill is as good as Kusky. 

He has very dense and thick coat. Unlike other cats that I have, Zafiro prefers to sleep on the floor rather than on the sofa, or on my glass-coffee-table.

After a few rounds of running and jumping, he will pant like a dog! Seriously he looks awesomely cute when he pants! Dark blue/grey/purple coat with big round eyes, plus sticking out his rich red tongue.... adorable!

He is just staying a month plus with me, I believe there will be more for me to see, observe and discover about him! :) 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Kusky (256) - Toe Biting

It's common to see cats often bite their own toe. In actual fact, they are biting off the peeled nail.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Kusky (254) - Back Street Boy

Kusky loves to go out of the house. Previously I could just let him be in the car porch by his own without any supervision. But now he needs to be monitored closely as he will aim for opportunity to jump over the gate and escape. 
We tried a few times to bring him for a walk at the road in front of our house, but he doesn't enjoy much walking there. I guess he was terrified by all the cars that by pass the area. In order to ensure he has a pleasure walk time, we decided to walk him at the small alley behind our house. 

 I like to capture they way he walks, always look so elegant and macho.

 Many things attracted his attention. He is curious to explore and learn his new environment.

 I am walking a small tiger! RRRrrrggg!

 Something from far attracted his attention! He stopped to observe!

 That's his expression when he sees somethings interesting from far...

 He found a back street friend who sneaked into neighbor's house.

 That kitty is curious and wanting to know Kusky too!

 In action!

 Hmm... looks macho!

 Kusky has very good memory. He first met his B&W girl friend at this staircase. Whenever Kusky has a chance to be at the back street, he will definitely walk up the staircase and check if the lady friend is still there.
Well, from his expression you can tell she was not there!

 Chattering at the flying birdies....

Green eyes, red nose, chubby cheek... lovely combination!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Kusky (253) - Who Can Resist This?

One of the most rewarding things is to look at how your lovely cat falls asleep at his/her favorite spots. 

Cats are somehow a natural yoga guru. They could easily bend their body to fit in all sizes and shapes. I love to see how they curl up themselves. Who can resist this lovely posture and face? I guess no one... unless you don't like cats at all!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Kusky (252) - 100% Concentration

Kusky is again observing ants near the house gate. He is soooo focus! I believe he put 100% concentration on it! :)

Monday, 4 August 2014

Kusky (251) - Stop the Nonsense

 Government is subsidizing free premium cat food to every household?

Arrr.... stop the nonsense!