Thursday, 31 December 2015

Kusky (449) - Sexy Back

I know you all like my sexy back... but could you please focus more on my cute, elegant face? Especially my red Rudolf the reindeer nose?

Zafiro (448) - Car Porch Activities

 I saw a bird... no, it's a plane.... no, it's actually just a dragon fly!

Oh! That's how tree grows?

 It smells like a freshly baked cake... can this be eaten?

 Now I am curious... why and how could a pillar smells like cake?

 That plant with lots of thorns looks delicious and yummy....


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Kusky (447) - I Am Not Listening to You!

 What? You want me to jump from here to there? 

No way! Why should I listen to you?

Kusky (446) - Sleepy Day

Nothing else could be better than having an afternoon nap on a raining day. You are jealous of me, right? Ya, I know...

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Kusky & Zafiro (445) - After The Rain

These series of photos were taken after a heavy pour. Amazingly the flying ants appeared every where after the rain. I quickly let Kusky and Zafiro out from the house, they were having fun time chasing and catching those flying ants!

 I love seeing them sitting side by side and together concentrating doing the same act at the same time. 

 Kusky is an amazing natural born hunter. He could spring up so high just to catch his pray. The way he catch it.... haha... he normally uses both paws to snap them!

 The floor was wet and slippery, yet he was having lots of fun!

 Kusky was trying hard to capture flying ants, while Zafiro just observed Kusky from far.

 He is such an active boy!

His fur was wet!

Kusky (444) - Who Spoiled My Cactus?

What happened to my cactus? Only leaved the stem?

It must be you again right, Zafiro??!!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Kusky & Zafiro (454) - New Discovery

My cousin brother came to Melaka to participate in bike race the other day. The bike was kept in my house.The 2 furry kids at home are curious and interested to find out more about the bike. They sniffed, touched, and go round and round the bike for a few times, just wanted to find out more.

It's a new discovery for them!

One interesting story: after a few hours, Kusky came to me and kept on meowing non-stop. I know he wanted to tell me something, or wanting me to open the door for him. Therefore, I followed him. In the end he brought me to the bike! hahaha... he wanted to tell me there was something 'new' at home. He is such a sweet boy!

 Sniff sniff.... busy body!