Saturday, 29 March 2014

1st Melaka Pet Expo 2014

SYABAS to the organizer of 1st Pet Expo cum Cat Show in Melaka! Following is the detail:

Date: 29th-30th March 2014
Time: 10am-10pm
Venue: MIBC (Melaka International Bowling Center)

More information may refer to organizer's facebook at:

Thanks to the organizer for organizing such a great event in Melaka. Although some little minor improvement needs to be done (e.g: to have a more conducive setting to prevent visitors from going into the cage area), it is in fact a great start for all the cat lovers in Melaka! 

I am happy to see and to know that there are so many cat lovers in Melaka. I feel glad to have the chance to talk to cat owners and to learn from them about how to take care of cats.

This baby looks bored. Are you ok? Do you want me to play with you?


This cat has very pleasant and rounded face. Love to see it's expression. I didn't realize it is a Munchkins Cat until it stood up.

This kitty attracted my attention, a lot! it is gorgeous!

It looks very masculine and tough, one of the short-haired cat that I like - BSH.

I am not a judge, and I don't have much knowledge about all cat breeds. However, this cat appeared to be one of the most gorgeous Bengal I saw during the event! Love it!

Call me SnowWhite because I am fluffy white!

Normally cat gets frighten easily by loud noises, crowd and unfamiliar places. The venue was a bit too noisy for cats. The speaker was loud, the music from upstairs bowling center was loud and I don't know where the kids get all the balloons from, the balloon kept busting! Most cats looked tense and stress, but this cat is cool, he doesn't care how noisy his/her environment is and he/she just kept sleeping as if he/she is at home.... hahahha! cute fellow!

This cat is gorgeous!

Love his jade color eyes!

Here comes the rounded face Munchkins again! Love to see it again and again!

Oh poor little baby, you miss your mama ye?!

Ginger short-haired domestic is always my favorite! I believe this litter kitty has potential to be a huge masculine handsome kitty in very near future!

This cat thinks a lot.... Is he/she thinking: Will I win? Will my next door win? I hope everyone wins!

I love short-haired cat, ASH is on my top list. This guy was getting very annoyed after the owner try to do ear cleaning for him. Look at his face, how unhappy he is!

Nice body, nice pattern, nice color.


I am not sure what is the name of this cat. If I get the chance to name it, I will name it as 'Mistic'!

Looks gorgeous and misterious!

What a sweet cat with curl ears!

This cat was being examined at the registration counter. A domestic short haired cat with very gorgeous patches of color!

Very sweet and pleasant face too! :)

Can anyone tell me whether this is a Siamese or a Burmise? Another gorgeous cat! I love its round yellow eyes and tough body, looks very energetic and full of curiousity! 

Hiya dude!

Most cats at the exhibition center are camera shy. However, there are a small number of them that love to see through my camera lens. This is one of them! :)

The winner of 'smiley cat' of the day goes to this cat!! 

Another gorgeous cat. Can anyone help to confirm is this a Korat or a BSH?

Lovely! This cat posted for me in most of my shoots. I even say 'Thank You' to it after all the shoots! :)

A cat being examine at the registration counter.

Another short-haired ginger, you melt my heart!

Big and gorgeous!

I hear you! I see you! 

Cat with rounded face is always so cute and mischievous!

I am not sure what make this cat keep on looking at me... do I look like a fish? Or I do smell like a fish?

I managed to talk to this cat's owner. This cat was found straying near a car wash center. When found, this cat was dirty, with some skin problem and look totally stray. After putting lots of care and love to it, it turned to be a very gorgeous kitten now! See! You don't need a pedegree, if you take care of them well, any cat will turn to be a prince or princes.

Nice eyes!

This cat look a little bit grumpy. Guess he is not happy to be carried by a stranger.

very very grumpy and angry..... but it's just the look! :)

This is my fist time seeing a real Maine Coon. I started to fall in love in Maine Coon!

Big frame, huge paws, silky nice fur, nice face.....d and some more in ginger color.... love it!

Looks tasty... what did you had?

Another gorgeous Maine Coon, owned by the same owner.

Also owned by the same owner... lovely!

Hold tight to the post! Sunami is coming!!!

 Small corner for other animals.

 At first I was stunt when saw these animals, from far I thought they are skunk! After observing for a while, they have flat back, so I guess they should be badger. Can this be kept as pet? This is not endangered species? It does not carry any transmitted diseases to human being?
*Note: update on 30 April. After double confirm with the owner, it is a skunk! And today I manage to go nearer to the animal, it smells really awful!!

 Huge iguana!

 Big lizard!

 Syrian hamsters! :) I used to have 5 in 5 separate big cages!

Sugar glider 

 One of the great thing about this event: encouraging people to adopt kittens! I love this idea, it helps to save lots of unwanted/stray cats/kittens instead of occupying the shelter and in the end having to be put to sleep when the center is unable to take anymore new kittens/cats. 

 Lots of choices for you to choose and bring home. Most are kittens. If possible, try to adopt an adult cat instead of kitten. The possibility of kitten being adopted is higher and mostly adult cats have to end up being euthanized. Therefore save the one that has lesser chance first!

 Pedigree breed could provide you some clue about the personality of your cat, domestic mix breed cat may not. However, that doesn't mean mix breed is not a good breed. Some mix breed are even smarter, more gorgeous and more attach and easily trained than pedigree. 

 Adopt me! Adopt me! I will follow you where ever you go and love you for ever!