Sunday, 22 June 2014

Kusky & Kurimu (234) - Walk the Cats

Sometimes I do bring them to a walk in the evening, just near by our house. It's either at the front or back of the house.

It's challenging to leech two cats at the same time, especially when each of them wanting to go into the different direction. Normally Kusky is the navigator, Kurimu will just followed. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Kurimu (233) - My Ang Pow

We gave Kurimu an Ang Pow, is a sign of wishing to our furry kids, wishing him happiness and health. This is the reaction he showed us after he took the money out from the ang pow (actually we are the one who pulled out the money).

I am not sure if he was too surprise to see too much or too little money.... hmmm.... it is hard to please youngster now a day....

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Kusky & Kurimu (232) - Back to KB

These photos were taken since last January, about half a year ago. Went back to KB for CNY. 

Always, these two little fellas will be extremely excited to explore and played in my mum's small garden. They were curious, a bit anxious to walk to new places, sniffed around.... I found it's important to have a small garden for cats to run around, which Kusky do not have such luxury at the moment (back in Melaka). 

Kusky opened his eyes wide. There must be something that attracted his attention. It could be birds or insects.

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's..... nothing actually.... sigh....

Explore.... explore and explore....


Love this photo! It's full of energy and action!

Another very daring explorer that loves to taste everything surrounded him...

From his expression, it tells that the grass must be tasting aweful!

Together on the mission....

Have to monitor them closely or they will take the opportunity to run to the car porch and may be exposed to other risks.

This is the shape that drives me crazy for years!

A kitten from next door neighbor. He was adopted and he was limping. Recently I heard he has passed away due to accidentally ran down by his owner. Poor kitty.

This cat belongs to next door neighbour too. She is now a mother with two babies.

 I miss Kurimu's sexy back......

Kurimu carried a little toy monkey around mum's house. And he just looked cool with it!

Kurimu took the most comfortable sofa at mum's home. Looks mischievous! 

Together with hubby watching TV program...

Hubby was trying to talk to him, and he looked away....

Finally Kurimu enjoyed sitting at the comfortable sofa by his own, enjoining his precious moment....


Here comes the common sexy post when he went into deep sleep!


He took the hot seat again at night, when everyone was surrounding the TV to watch news...

On the way back to Melaka...

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Kusky & Kurimu (231) - Zzzz Day

What else is better than to have a great nap in the Saturday Afternoon? Especially the weather is so out there and the air condition is so cold inside?

 Here comes the zombie style!

 Tougue out again!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Kurimu (230) - Cool

 Kurimu is the coolest cat I have ever had! He is highly intelligence and learn fast!

What a smart boy! Love you for ever!

Kusky & Kurimu (229) - Yawning

Scary sharp teeth!

Miss him sooooooo much!