Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cats Accessory (IV) - Cat Tray

Your cat needs a shallow tray filled with the brand of cat litter to which it is used to. It is mandatory to prepare this especially before bringing a new kitten to the family. The tray needs to be changed over time with the reasons:

1. Cats will grow bigger from time to time. The litter tray needs to be changed to fit their size.

2. After months and years, scratches on plastic tray will capture germs and dirt that is hard to be cleaned or wash away. For the health and hygiene of your cat/s, it's best to change the litter tray (especially the one made of plastic).

Besides the ordinary litter tray, there are various kind of cat litter tray available in the market: self-cleaning litter tray; board made litter tray; covered litter tray & etc.

Board Made Litter Tray
It's made of box-type hard board. Normally it is only meant for 1-2 time use sage. It is normally made by recycle materials and it is easily decomposed.

Covered Litter Tray
This is referring to litter tray that has covered on top. The purpose of adding the cover is to keep the odor within the tray. This manages to reduce unpleasant smell in the house. It also provides more privacy to cat (most cats don't like to be distracted while toileting).

Self-Cleaning Litter Tray
The title may give you an impression that this may be an electronic automated kind of cat litter tray. To be more precious, I would rather use the word 'semi-auto' to describe these trays.
Basically it's not much different from the normal covered cat little tray. What makes it different is  instead of scooping cat poo, cat owner just need to pull the 'handle' and let the feces drop in a plastic bag, pack it and throw it. I have one of this too (Smart Sift), it really helps to make cleaning litter tray easier. The only disadvantage is: the space is too small for adult cats. I have now kept this away due to Kusky doesn't like to use the toilet any more.

 Smart Sift is one of the 'semi auto' cat litter tray that helps cat owner to do easy cleaning job!


The tray has two levels: The first level is where the litter is. When the handle is pulled, first level will turn, the lose litter will drop through the filtering tray and keep in a hidden container, while the cramped litter will drop directly to the bottom. When turning back the first level, the lose litter will go back to first level tray again.

Once cramped litter has dropped to the bottom, pull out the second level and remove litter with the plastic bag. As easy as ABC!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Cats' Facinating Facts

Some kittens, especially shorthairs, prefer a tent-liked bed. It keeps them warmer and provides privacy while napping.

Kusky & Kurimu (207) - Staying Together On A Cozy Evening

Kusky & Kurimu spend most of their time together: eating together, sleeping together and playing together. Sometimes, they even go to the toilet together! Although they bonded strongly to each other, they are not biological brothers.

Both of them have taken a big chunk of my heart and life. I can't imagine how my life will be without them!

Kurimu was busy looking out; while Kusky was busy doing his stratching!!


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Kurimu (206) - Fluffy Fatty Kitty

Kurimu is just 200g behind Kusky, although Kusky is 4 months elder than him! Kurimu has big frame and he is growing fast. He is getting more fluffy, not sure if that was due to Twinkling Power that he consumes.

Curling up his tail...

He looked curious!

Love to see him from all angle, especially his back! It's huge!


Saw something interesting?


Although he doesn't like to be picked up, he loves to rub his body on our legs, sit near to us, play with us and accompany us where ever we go.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Kusky (205) - The Domesticated White Tiger

Well, I have to declare: In actual fact I don't have a tiger at home, but I do have a cat that looks like white tiger waiting for me at the door every day! Arrwww!! :)

Obviously Kusky is attracted by something: both of his ears pointed up straight; eyes are fully opened; he raised his chest high to look far.


Haha... I love this look. It seems like he is bored and doesn't care much what was going on.

Very masculine, handsome!

He saw birdies....

....and he started to chatter....

....he lowered down his body to hide himself from birdies....


After observing for sometimes, Kusky started to yawn.... I guess he must have started to get bored.

Curling his tougue and here it goes!!!


To the max!!