Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Kusky & Kurimu (204)

Both of them are enjoying bird watching again....


Kusky is so lazy to stand and yet he wanted to watch out of the window... It ends up he sat and put his head on the window frame....


Kurimu is trying his luck to escape from the window. Guess he must be seeing other cats loitering behind our house.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Kurimu (203) - Drinking From the Fountain

Unlike other cats that I have, Kurimu likes water very much. When I water my plant, he will run to the pot and observe the bubbling air from soil; when I wash dishes, he will hop up to the sink and wanting to drink from there. The only moment he doesn't like water is during bathe time.

Since Kurimu likes to drink from the running tap, hubby bought him a proper cat fountain. He loves drinking running water! The fountain actually encourages him to drink more.

It's important cats drink lots water to avoid kidney problem when they are aging, especially cats that consume dried food only, no wet food.

Look at him! He is licking the water again! :)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Kuksy & Kurimu (202) - Wrestling On The Bed

One of their favorite games is wrestling. They play fight with each other almost every day, every moment when they bump into each other. This time they wrestled on my bed...

At first Kurimu was helping Kuksy to clean his neck and chin...

Kusky did the same thing to Kurimu too.... so lovely! :)

While Kuksy was still licking Kurimu's forehead, Kurimu starts biting Kusky....

And that's how the war began.....

Big fight! Keep on rolling on the bed!

Kusky bite Kurimu's back; Kurimu bite Kusky's feet.

And they stop for a while, just to take a breath.

About 5 seconds later, they started to challenge each other again...

Kurimu attacked Kusky chest; Kusky bite Kurimu's ear!

They separated....

... and continue....

Never ending fight!

Kusky finally ran away from Kurimu.


Friday, 24 January 2014

Kusky (201) - Sneaking Into My Bedroom

One fine Saturday afternoon, I was looking for Kuksy up and down. I couldn't locate him. I shout for his name, no meowing respond. I was anxious. I thought he may sneak out the door again while hubby went out.

Suddenly an idea flashed in my mind: will Kusky be in my bedroom? I quickly ran to up stair. The moment I opened the bedroom door, I immediate saw this...

Kusky was sleeping on my bed with 4 legs up!! When I walked into the room, he looked at me in this way...

I moved around to get the best angle to take his photo. Besides moving his eye balls to look at me, he didn't move any part of his body at all! Too lazy!

The fluffy white belly!

Hahahaha.... so funny and cute!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Kusky (200) - Hanging On Cat Tree

I think he didn't know he has grown up... he can't fit in his favorite sleeping spot on that tree any more!  

Poor Kuksy....

Kurimu (199) - The Box Obsession

We often have new boxes at home. Both Kurimu and Kusky love new boxes very much. They like to hide themselves there, playing in and out the box and sleep in the box. 

Kurimu often bring in plastic bag full of waste food into the box too. I caught him on action for a few times. He looks funny with his head up high, dragging and pulling the plastic bag from the wet kitchen sink to his box. His act tells me he is keeping his previous in the box! :)

Just couldn't figure out why both of my cats love boxes so much!

At first I thought I wanted to use this new box to keep some of my unwanted staf, I put it on the cage and was thinking it shall be fine for temporary. Who knows Kurimu straight away jumped into the box!

He groomed himself inside the box...

Licking his paw...

... and slept in!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Declawing Cat - An Inhumane Act

It's always cat owners' nightmare to have cat that loves to scratch on the sofa, curtains and other households. The same things happen to me: I have a leather sofa being scratched and bitten by either one of them (or may be both of them, I am not sure as I couldn't tell as it happened over night) and the leather headboard of my bed full with scratches done by Kusky. 

How do I react? Well, nothing much I could do after damages are done. I don't punish them as things always happen way before I spotted or noticed it. I never had a chance to caught them on action. 

To find solution to this re-occurrence scratching problem, I Google and managed to come across few articles about declawing cats. Most articles mentioned declawing cats will take away their joy of scratching, climbing and even of self-defense. That's already cruel. The worst thing about declawing a cat is actually removing part of its toe bones (the last bone of its toe)! It's a long and painful journey for recovering from the surgery. Some cat oweners reported their cats' personality change after being declawed. Some other wort case scenario: cats are not able to fully recover from the surgery due to serious infection or other unforeseen circumstances that occur during the surgery. Cats may become handicap and couldn't walk again if the surgery fails.

Human is so selfish. In order to protect their belongings, they rather put the cats through such mental and painful process.

If you love your cats, please don't declaw them!

Following is a video of Paw Project from a women to reveal the inhumane act of declawing cats.

Declawing cat is similar to chopping the first human finger bone. Will you do this to your cat just to protect your sofa from being scratched?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Free To Good Home

Many people abundant their pets when they have new born at home. Some said worry of the fur that may cause allergy to baby. Some gave other reasons. The pet has been staying and depending on the owner for so long. Imagine how will they survive on their own when they suddenly become stray? Having pet is a life time commitment. Think twice before you bring one home. 

Also, if you are not ready to take care of their baby, spay or neuter them. Animal abundant & animal abuse is 10000000 times more cruelty than sending them to desex!!

For those who thinks it's OK to abundant your pet just because priority should be given to you baby, read this!

Kurimu (198) - Adorable Cream Cat

Last few months, Kurimu has drastically gained weight. He is a 4.2kg tomcat in December 13, another few hundred grams to be as heavy as Kusky (Kusky was around 4.8kg in December 13)! This fluffy, masculine, handsome and intelligent young boy is nice to be cuddled! I like to lightly squeeze him in my arms!

This is the facial expression he will show to me when ever we look at each other.

 Handsome kitty!

 Gently kicking my lense cover.

 Look macho!

Kusky & Kurimu (197) - A Beautiful Sunday Morning

It's Sunday morning again! Hurray! We can do a little bit longer of sunbathing!

We normally wake up at around 8:30-9:00am, that's the time they want to go back to bed.

Both have half shut eyes....

Kurimu is growing fast. He has bigger frame than Kusky now!

Kusky started his tuna dream....

I have a snow leopard as pet! :D

Fat little (oh no! He is not little any more) Kurimu!

So soft, so adorable!

Out of a sudden, Kurimu stretched himself and yawned like a tiger! 

Kusky: You breath smells aweful!
Kurimu: Oh really?

Kusky: You smell mine! 
Kurimu: Hey bro! You smell great! What's your secret?
Kusky: Jasmine tooth paste!

Kurimu: Jasmine? Sound like something could be eaten... yum yum...


Suddenly awake again....

Handsome Kurimu

Kurimu's pink paw (looks like pink beans).


Showing love and care to each other... so sweet!

Kurimu has been taking Kusky's favorite sleeping spot again and again. Kusky used to sleep beside my pillow, the he moved to my dressing table and now back to my bed again. Kusky seldom shares his sleeping area with Kurimu. It's precious to see both of them sleep side by side to each other.

See! Kurimu is getting hhhuuuuge! He reminds me of piglet! :P