Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cat's Facinating Facts

A cat has a resting heart rate of between 100 and 140 beats per minutes. With increased activity or excitement, its heart rate can be as high as 240 beats per minute.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013


In the wild cats are territorial. The male stakes out a territory as his food source. He will also protect the area for his female and his kittens. A male may even attack and kill young kittens sired by another male to eliminate competition.

Cats mark their territory by spraying concentrated urine. While usually associated with tomcats, whole females and some neutered males will exhibit spraying behavior. A cat will remark its territory if the previous scent markers have been washed away by weather or cleaning. The usual reason for a previously clean cat to begin urine marking indoors is a reaction to stress. Commonly the introduction of a new cat to the household will upset a cat. Feeling threatened or stressed by the presence of the strange cat, the resident feline will mark the home as 'his'.

The cat has glands that secrete scents in several areas of its body but especially concentrated around the sides and back of the head. When a cat rubs its head along your legs, it is marking you - sending a message that you belong to it. Similarly the cat will rub on furniture in the home. The outdoor cat will rub against walls, fences, bushes and trees.

Marking trees with its claws is another message a cat leaves to be interpreted by other felines.The higher the marks, the larger and more dominant the cat that made the marks, so a cat scratches as far up as it can when scratching on a tree. When the cat digs its it claws into the tree, it also leaves a scent message from glands between the paw pads.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (141) - Loving Each Other

When I brought Kurimu back home, my first and only concern was: could both of them get along with each other? I was very worried. What if Kusky is not happy to have a companion? What if Kurimu misses his brothers and sisters in PJ? What if Kurimu is bullied by Kusky? If both of them couldn't cope with each other, how should I leave them at home while working?

Lots of questions and worries were raised. Fortunately they like each other since they first moment they met! None was hissing. They sniffed at each other trying to know each other better. Later on they play together, they share food although both have their personal bowl, they lick and clean for each other.

Kusky and Kurimy loves each other very much! I am glad they do!

 photo IMGa_6652_resize_zps7bdd230f.jpg

 photo IMGa_6653_resize_zps2288e488.jpg

 photo IMGa_6654_resize_zps9e70afa1.jpg

 photo IMGa_6658_resize_zps65e5c1d0.jpg

 photo IMGa_6661_resize_zps67d9e5e2.jpg

Friday, 20 September 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (140)

 photo IMGa_6622_resize_zps73184759.jpg
Love these series of photos where Kurimu took photos with my green plants!

 photo IMGa_6623_resize_zps022653e7.jpg
He looks so fluffy and a little bit plum!

 photo IMGa_6624_resize_zpsf1b67122.jpg
Something caught his attention!

 photo IMGa_6626_resize_zps7a1f63d0.jpg
Spot the cat!! Could you find Kurimu in this photo? :)

 photo IMGa_6628_resize_zps50f2c61a.jpg
Cat is an animal that loves to stay clean. Kurimu is doing self-cleaning.

 photo IMGa_6631_resize_zps4a119886.jpg
Hahaha... he really loves to sit on his back! Most of the time he did that to lick and clean his belly.

 photo IMGa_6634_resize_zps5e1bf6ba.jpg

 photo IMGa_6636_resize_zps5d21e1d1.jpg

 photo IMGa_6637_resize_zps5275a66b.jpg
Something is attracting Kusky's attention and interest!

 photo IMGa_6639_resize_zpse39733da.jpg

 photo IMGa_6642_resize_zpsc5d6b1ec.jpg
I guess they must be communicating to each other...

 photo IMGa_6643_resize_zps38bd977e.jpg

 photo IMGa_6644_resize_zpsfa55e96d.jpg

 photo IMGa_6646_resize_zpsd4bcaa04.jpg

 photo IMGa_6648_resize_zpsc9bc98c0.jpg

 photo IMGa_6649_resize_zps49767787.jpg

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kurimu (139) - Cat Walk

Cat walk is always so elegant!

 photo IMGa_6584_resize_zpsafa8a9cb.jpg
Looks suspicious...

 photo IMGa_6587_resize_zps698bf8c3.jpg

 photo IMGa_6586_resize_zps8bc26e02.jpg
Walk with full confidence!

 photo IMGa_6589_resize_zpsca5a4c7a.jpg

 photo IMGa_6590_resize_zpsecdfe472.jpg

 photo IMGa_6600_resize_zps6ba0730d.jpg

 photo IMGa_6601_resize_zps49ad4e01.jpg
Hmm... looks fun at the other side of the fence....

 photo IMGa_6604_resize_zpse7a798bc.jpg
Look at his fluffy big belly!

 photo IMGa_6605_resize_zps83ed642a.jpg

 photo IMGa_6607_resize_zpsdbc68429.jpg

 photo IMGa_6606_resize_zps9eb30892.jpg

 photo IMGa_6608_resize_zpsab060b29.jpg

 photo IMGa_6602_resize_zpsc870c8dc.jpg
Kusky is observing Kurimu from far...

 photo IMGa_6612_resize_zps1fa1075a.jpg

 photo IMGa_6613_resize_zpsd7f47cfd.jpg

 photo IMGa_6614_resize_zpsa408cd9b.jpg

 photo IMGa_6616_resize_zps37513caf.jpg