Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Zafiro (333) - Naughty Little Devil Look

One fine Saturday afternoon, Zafiro was lying on his back to play cat teaser with me. After chasing the moving teaser for a few rounds and jumping up and down for a few times, Zafiro laid on his back to rest and catch his breath, surprisingly this is how he looked like while resting on his back...

He winked one of his eyes...


He showed his fluffy belly!

His two little devil's teeth are saying hallo to you too!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Zafiro(329) - Catching Humming Bird

Zafiro loves to play. Anyway, he is still a kitten. I beg all kittens love playing. :)

Zafiro is not the type of kitten that will play gently. Somehow he has stronger paw and his movement is 'bigger' than Kusky's. 

Look at how he was trying hard to catch the humming bird!

So adorable!

Is he starting to get frustrated? :)

He stretches his front leg trying to reach the target!

I got it!

He tried to bite it away....

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Zafiro (328) - Have I Caught The Right One?

 I managed to catch a rat!

 It's mine! Don't ever think of grabbing it from me!

 Err... by the way, why this mouse is not moving or struggling or making any noise?

Can anyone please tell me have I caught the right mouse?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Zafiro (328) - Rest & Relax

Zafiro (327) - The Teddy Bear Look

When I first had Zafiro, he was a bit thinner than expected. I never realized he has such teddy bear look in him. As time past, he is growing bigger and gaining more weight, his teddy bear look starts emerging. Now he looks exactly like a walking and live soft toy: he has big round face, short fat ears, pouchy cheek, short chin, very prominent muzzle, large round copper eyes, very plush coat and chubby body shape. Holding him in my arms is like holding a teddy bear that knows how to meow and blink his eyes. He is such a darling kitty. 

Although he is just a 10 months old kitty (by Jan 15), he weighted heavier than Kusky now, look so much bigger than Kusky too. BSH can grow up to 3-4 years old. Sometimes I have this conflict in me: I can't wait to see him fully grown, at the same time I want him to remain as young as possible. I always wish all my cats can live long, I want to grow old together with them.

Personality wise, he resisted to be carry or hug,  but he follows us to where ever we go, especially when we are doing something (e.g: housework), he will stay near to be a good observant, just see from far without disturbing you. 

Love you! :) 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Kusky (326) - Mail Box

Kusky likes to hide himself in the mail box. He jumped in, and amazingly he is able to turn his body 360 degree inside the small narrow mail box and sit in the position like in the below photo.

Zafiro has longer body, he is not able to turn his body in the mail box like Kusky could. Therefore he remain on the ground.

Zafiro (325) - The God Father Look

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Zafiro (322) - Cat Eat Raw Vege

Everyone knows cat loves meat. In fact they are the 100% carnivor. Have you ever seen cat eating raw vegetable before?

See below!

Zafiro (321) - Wink Wink**

Come on Zafiro.... Don't seduce me with that wink wink! You look sexy and gorgeous although your owner has shaved you unevenly!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Kusky& Zafiro (320) - I Believe I Can Fly!

The first thing you may notice from these photos is: What happen to Kusky and Zafiro? How come his coat is so uneven?

Both Kusky and Zafiro were shaved in mid Oct 2014 due to ringworm infection. I did the shaving my own, obviously the work isn't good, in fact I made them look ugly. However, that's the only way to reduce more stress which may lowered their immune system that may worsen their ringworm condition! Now they are 100% cure from ringworm. Their coat has grown back completely and they look handsome again! :)

Back to the photo....

I happened to take a series of photos where Zafiro and Kusky were jumping up high to catch their new toy! Especially Zafiro, he never gave up, he kept on jumping to reach his goal!

 A series of photos taken for Zafiro when he jumped up high to catch his target. Finally he got it and he carried the toy in his mouth and walked away!

 Wow! Look at how he jumped and stretched his body! Amazing!

 Looks like he is dancing Flaminco Dance!

 He fell, and he quickly climbed up again to find his target! He never gave up!

 Nice catch!

Kusky chipped in as well!

Zafiro (319) - Animal Chat

 "Hey 4 of you there, how long have you been staying here? I was here since July2014!"

"Are they deaf or what? So impolite, never even border to answer my question at all! Stupid froggie, piggie, and 2 meow with bells!"

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Kusky (318) - Tail Waving

Many said dogs express their feeling and emotion via waving their tails. At the same time, many do not understand cats express their emotion via their tails too.

Kusky must have seen something interesting, I guess it must be the birds again! He is waving his tail to show excitement, surprise, happiness and alertness!

Kusky (317) - His Noah Ark

I bought 2 pot plates for my plants in the car porch. Before sending the plates to out side, Kusky sat on it comfortably as if that's his new toy. 

Well, no choice, I need to leave one for him in the house. He likes to sit in his so called 'Noah ark. He somehow feel comfortable and safe sitting in there.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Zafiro (316) - You Don't See Me

Hubby and I were cleaning and washing car porch on one fine Saturday. We free both Kusky and Zafiro out to car porch later on. After a while, I turn my back to search for Zafiro, I was shocked, I couldn't find him! I looked for him up and down, from car porch to wet kitchen, from living hall to upstairs bedroom... I couldn't find him at all! I was panic! He must have escape from the gate.

When I pick up my shoes from the rack and was almost going out to look for him, I saw this......................................................................................

 Who will suspect he will be hiding himself here quietly? 
Naughty Zafiro.... @@"

Zafiro (315) - Shy Shy

Looking at the bright side: Good that he sleeps like this, that shows he trust us alot.

Looking at the negative side: OMG... @@" speechless....