Friday, 31 May 2013

Kurimu (95) - Suddenly Fall Asleep

Kurimu is an 'easily switch off' kitten. What I am trying to say here is that he could play like crazy in the last 2 seconds but then suddenly fall asleep soundly!

This photo was taken a few seconds after playing with his cat teaser. It just happened in sudden!! Cute isn't it? :)

 photo IMGa_6007_resize_zps81adca9e.jpg

Kurimu (94) - Drinking From Big Pail

Kurimu has this bad habit of drinking from big pail of water. I just couldn't understand why he prefers to stretch himself tall and drink uncomfortably. We change water in their drinking bowl at least twice a day, still he loves big pail of water.

Strange Kurimu.... but cute!!! :)

 photo IMGa_5696_resize_zps03ecb9bb.jpg

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (93) - Our Ikea Toy

Besides having AhSai as their first soft toy, I bought them another red snaky soft toy from Ikea. Look at both of them, the snaky accessory looks fantastic on them! :D

 photo IMGa_5675_resize_zpsb5ae9702.jpg

 photo IMGa_5679_resize_zpse17c2f0e.jpg

Kusky (92) - Hiding In the Box

Cats love boxes and boxes are the cheapest cat's toy that could keep them playing for hours!

Please change video quality to 720p for the best view result.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Kusky (91) - Stretching

 photo IMGa_5670_resize_zpse15985a5.jpg 
I like to see cats do body stretching the moment they just woke up from the sleep! They perform two kinds of stretching:

1. Stretch inwards (as what Kusky is demonstrating in the above picture)
2. Stretch outwards - where cats lowered their entire body, pushing front legs and back legs apart. 

Cats' body is a form of arts. Love it to the max!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (88) - Weekend

 photo IMGa_5666_resize_zps6b9ed47c.jpg 
Well... it's another weekend. Although Kusky and Kurimu did not have much to do, I somehow could feel that they are happier when we are able to stay at home to accompany these two highly energetic kittens!

The highest platform of this cat tree belongs to Kusky. Sometimes Kurimu went up for a short nap, sometimes he chases away Kusky from his comfort zone. If we happened to see Kurimu is taking over Kusky's seat again, we will put Kurimu to his cat bed.

It's time to get them a new, bigger and taller cat tree. However cat trees are selling in high price. We are still searching for a good quality + reasonable price cat tree. If you happen to know any pet shop or friends who sell cat trees, do let me know. TQ! :)

Kusky & Kurimu (87) - Boys' Fight

I was so worried that Kusky and Kurimu couldn't get along well when I first introduced them to each other. Fortunately Kusky is so friendly, tolerant and easily adapt to changes, he welcome Kurimu in the family, with lots of forehead licking, grooming for the little one... I guess Kusky is trying to show his love and affection to Kurimu.

Sometimes, these 2 boys play fight, just like every other kid or kitten did. Their battle normally starts at dining area, then it spreads to the front (living hall) or to the back (the wet kitchen).

Most of the time they played with gentle bite and no claws. Occasionally accident happens and one may just run off with loud meow~~~  I love to see them play fighting. Don't worry, there is no physical harm on them. They are just practicing their natural fighting instinct and skills. :) 

 photo IMGa_5635_resize_zps1ffdfc3a.jpg
Kusky was hugging Kurimu's body and at at the same time biting Kurimu's neck.

 photo IMGa_5636_resize_zps47018a1e.jpg
Now they tangled....

 photo IMGa_5637_resize_zps0071006c.jpg
Kurimu will always be the one lying down on the floor. This shows that Kusky is more dominant in this family. 

 photo IMGa_5638_resize_zps3a6def7d.jpg

 photo IMGa_5639_resize_zps36dc59ba.jpg

 photo IMGa_5640_resize_zps5e242c95.jpg
Bite again and again and again...

 photo IMGa_5641_resize_zpseb158c20.jpg
There it goes! Look like Kurimu is trying to revenge... 

 photo IMGa_5642_resize_zps33c3637f.jpg
Kusky was pressing Kurimu's head down

 photo IMGa_5646_resize_zps80d91179.jpg
Wrestling begins...

 photo IMGa_5647_resize_zpsf9cfcf89.jpg
I think Kusky was trying to tell Kurimu: This is my territory. I am in-charge, you must listen to me!

 photo IMGa_5649_resize_zpsbf03afe3.jpg
Obviously Kusky is more dominant here...

 photo IMGa_5653_resize_zps5124d33e.jpg

 photo IMGa_5655_resize_zpsbe42dc40.jpg
Kusky put his foot on Kurimu's forehead for a few times. In the end Kurimu couldn't take the bully any more and he stroke back!

 photo IMGa_5656_resize_zpse2e82495.jpg
Kurimu is small, he is also very aggressive!

 photo IMGa_5659_resize_zps62cab6fe.jpg

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Kurimu (86) - Big Rounded Eyes

Do you like Puss In Boots? 
I guess everyone who loves Puss has common like about him: we love his big rounded eyes!

Most of the time I see Puss in Kurimu too! Kurimu has a pair of big rounded eyes that talk. 
Kurimu is cute to the max!

 photo IMGa_5626_resize_zps14ad89ee.jpg

 photo IMGa_5628_resize_zps360dcca4.jpg

 photo IMGa_5629_resize_zpsbee2924b.jpg

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Kurimu (85) - Self-Cleaning

 photo IMGa_5618_resize_zps65806bed.jpg
Opps! Are you trying to capture my photos while I am doing self-cleaning?

 photo IMGa_5619_resize_zps36c7b03f.jpg
OK, I don't care. Do what ever you wanna do...

 photo IMGa_5620_resize_zpse518903e.jpg
Kusky is observing Kurimu on what he is doing...

 photo IMGa_5625_resize_zpsf08c1d4e.jpg
Haha! Caught on action again! :D

Kusky (84) - Hiding Behind the Pot

Kusky loves to sit on my TV cabinet after a few round of crazy running and chasing with Kurimu. I am not sure why he always stay at the same spot. I guess he just wanted to be straight under the air-conditioner.

 photo IMGa_5600_resize_zpsf0c69406.jpg

 photo IMGa_5601_resize_zpsdf0242ab.jpg

 photo IMGa_5602_resize_zps06dbe1f0.jpg
I am not sure if he purposely hide half of his face behind the pot. One thing that I could confirm: He knew I was looking at him!

 photo IMGa_5608_resize_zps79568868.jpg

 photo IMGa_5609_resize_zps1cda9fbe.jpg

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Kurimu (83) - Kurimu & His Bed

This pet bed was initially bought for AHU. Somehow, neither AHU nor Kusky like it. Until Kurimu joined us, finally the bed found its' owner! He just loved to sleep in the bed especially when air-conditioner is on for the whole afternoon!

 photo IMGa_5583_resize_zpsac406cf5.jpg
Oh~~~Look at Kurimu! Such a sweet little boy!

 photo IMGa_5585_resize_zpsce8e9ad7.jpg
He melts my heart!

 photo IMGa_5592_resize_zps0a9b2fc0.jpg

 photo IMGa_5594_resize_zps38c3a930.jpg

 photo IMGa_5597_resize_zpsc389754d.jpg 
Hahaha! Almost falling out from the bed. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

My House, My Cat, My Rules

To all family members and friends,

Please read this before you pay me a visit:

 photo 936907_518744351521693_463741618_n_zpsd10c8027.jpg

Kurimu (82) - I want Pizza!

We ordered home delivery pizza the other day. Not long after placing the pizza on the coffee table, the most curious kitten of all - Kurimu, came near to do his inspection again.

I beg he must have smelled the aroma of cheese....

 photo IMGa_5569_resize_zpsf61e7cfc.jpg
What flavor do we have today?

 photo IMGa_5570_resize_zps77b33335.jpg
**sniff sniff, it smells good....

 photo IMGa_5571_resize_zps2289143a.jpg
What about the other piece?

 photo IMGa_5572_resize_zpse937a3c6.jpg
I think I still prefer the first one...

 photo IMGa_5575_resize_zpsf67358f8.jpg
Hey! What are you still waiting for? Come on, open the box for me! I am starving!!

Kurimu (81) - Curious

Kurimu is always curious, yet daring. After vacuuming, I put the hu-va aside and then he came near to inspect the machine. 

He is such an adorable walking cream!

 photo IMGa_5565_resize_zps46652f09.jpg

 photo IMGa_5566_resize_zpsd93f7d22.jpg

 photo IMGa_5568_resize_zpsb3f5bbab.jpg

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (80) - Sleeping Together

Sometimes, I wonder Kusky and Kurimu were marathon runners in their past life. These two kittens love to chase each other and run none stop in the house. They just never get bored of running and chasing!

When the energy runs low and they are really exhausted, they will rest at any corner in the house: the stair case, the sofa, next to the door, on my coffee table &etc. However, most of the time they rest at different places, they seldom stay together while resting or napping. Although they like to play with each other, Kusky resists to share his favorite sleep spot, toilet and his belonging with Kurimu.

I am surprised to catch them sleeping together!!

 photo IMGa_5517_resize_zps94afb165.jpg

 photo IMGa_5518_resize_zpse093f17b.jpg

 photo IMGa_5519_resize_zpsd548ce2c.jpg

 photo IMGa_5526_resize_zpsc8831839.jpg

 photo IMGa_5527_resize_zpsacee96d3.jpg

 photo IMGa_5528_resize_zps897039a7.jpg

 photo IMGa_5535_resize_zps5dc5e25a.jpg

 photo IMGa_5538_resize_zpse30ce07d.jpg