Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Kusky & Zafiro (300) - Always Together

If they are in different sexes, they are definitely soul mate! Basically Zafiro just followed Kusky where ever he goes. When there are times Zafiro couldn't find Kusky in the house, he screamed like he wanted to tare my house into pieces! He looked for Kusky up and down, running from the front to the back, yelling and crying like a kitten looking for mom! Cute? Oh no... wait until you really experience and hear Zafiro's screaming! You will know it's a nightmare!

In the other hand, Kusky will also meow to look for Zafiro when he did not see Zafiro for quite sometimes. Kusky is a gentlecat, his meow is not as loud and not as noisy as Zafiro. 

Since they were introduced to each other, most of the time they are being together. They chase each other few times a day, especially in the morning before going to work, and at night time before going to sleep. That's their show time! :)

I am glad that they accept each other well, except occasionally Kusky could turn to be a bit jealous when he sees Zafiro plays happily with either hubby or myself. 

No doubt that Zafiro looks big, fierce and serious, he is actually a very good boy!

He is getting larger and more gorgeous from time to time!

2 handsome kitty! 

Kusky (299) - Prayers

 Praying to GOD: Dear God, please continue blessing me with warm shelter, bless me with unlimited can food, lots of toys, lots of freedom, good servants... oh God, thanks for everything you gave me...


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Kusky (298) - Like A Guard, Like A Soldier

Kusky has potential to be a great gate keeper or soldier! He always stand straight and stand firm on my car top, then look straight into the front, like a serious guard man in Buckingham Palace. 

He looked serious... very serious...



Monday, 29 December 2014

Zafiro (297) - Just Woke Up... Blur

Don't be so demanding asking me to post for you now... I am not ready! I JUST WOKE UP FROM MY AFTERNOON NAP! You idiot! (show face of dissatisfaction)

He looked more relax after a while... and something caught his attention.

His rounded body makes him look like a furry ball... from far and from near... hahaha...


 Looked like he is more awake now...

OK, ask me questions, difficult questions! I can prove I can score excellently in IQ test! I am fully awake and aware now! :3

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Zafiro (296) - Being Bored

Unlike Kusky, Zafiro like to stay close to us when we are around. He likes to observe me from high-places when I am vacuuming, he likes to follow behind me when I am mopping the floor, he will rest on the coffee table in front of me when I am watching TV. Sweet boy!

Zafiro sat on the coffee table in front of me. While resting, he was starring at me. I guess he was waiting for me to play with him.


Big round eyes, very smart and intelligent look!

Now he really looks bored...

....and he flipped himself over, looking at me up-side-down...

And then he flipped his entire body to show his belly...


The position stayed on for a few minutes.... hahahaha....

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Zafiro (295) - Hunting for Treasure

Car porch to both my cats is the best treasure finding location. Here, they could find bugs, see flying birdies, flipping dry falling leaves, blocking moving ants with their spongy paws, running around and chasing flies or butterflies!


Well... look like he has spotted something interesting!

This is funny! He stretches his neck and peeking inside the pot.

Who could resist this big fat butt and big fat tail?

Hahahaha... cute!

He finally found something to play...

Now he is digging hard for some other things....

Friday, 26 December 2014

Kusky (294) - Sexy Back

I am not sure how many of you agree: Cats are very sexy animal, regardless of male or female cats! They look sexy in the eyes, the way they post themselves, they way they make their cat walk, the way they sniff their food...except, some of the way they sleep! hehe... you know what I mean...

What a sexy back!

The licking action is so sexy too!!

So does the starring! Amazingly sexy! Hahaha!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Zafiro (293) - Starring

Zafiro is one and the only cat that I have which likes to stare at me regardless of what I was doing. I somehow feel he fall in love with me, looking and starring at me from behind all the while. 

Eh-hem! OK I know, I sound like having delusion of grandeur...

Kusky (292) - Gorgeous

He is beautiful and gorgeous, isn't he?

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Kusky & Zafiro (291) - Together, We Explore

 Kusky and Zafiro were exploring outside the house. As long as one of them find something strange, the other will soon join in to check it out together.

 Hmmm... Kusky wasn't concentrating...

Now Zafiro's concentration has diverted as well....


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Zafiro (290) - The Pleasant Face

Many said BSH has a natural Mona Lisa smile. Do you agree?
I just know Zafiro always show his pleasant smile to me. :)

Monday, 22 December 2014

Kusky (289) - Sun Set

The sun set that shine on Kusky makes him look even gorgeous! :)

His sexy back!

Why look at me in that way?

Stay cool to observe things happened in the car porch.

Hmm.... the sun shines on my face!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Kusky & Zafiro (288) - Up & Down

Each of them has their own cat tree. Normally they spend their afternoon sleeping on their own cat tree. It's so precious to see the share the same tree and sleep above/below each other.

Kusky: wakakaka.... I am above him! I am at higher ranking than him! kakaka...


 They didn't sleep. Eyes are opened wide to see things that move around.

Two huge cats....