Thursday, 31 October 2013

Kusky (149) - Dress Up for Halloween

I accidentally found a stall in Malacca new JJ selling pet's costume. After seeing all those cute, funny and colorful pet costumes, I bought 2 sets of for Kusky and Kurimu.

I manage to take some photos of Kusky dressing up as bumble bee and supercat! Unfortunately I was not able to snap any good shot of Kurimu in costume. 

Well, Kusky in his Halloween costume wishing you:


It's a bird, it's a plane... It's super cat!!!

Kusky in bumble bee costume, he is such a big fat bee with just a small pair of wings!

I know, you don't like it. I didn't put on long for you, it's only for you to take photos so that you could share your maximum cuteness with the rest! :)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloweeen, Make Me Remember of AHU

A year ago, AHU went missing on the Halloween Day. It was the darkest day in my life. No news, no update all these while. I miss him so much.

I somehow started to believe Halloween carries evilness and bad luck. It used to be one of the occasions I love most, but today, it doesn't appear to be pleasant to me any more. It always reminds me of AHU.

I received many feeds alerts from Love Cat's Facebook, informing cat owners to best keep their cats at home around this season, especially those who have black cats as pet. I am surprised to know that Americans are superstitious too. There are people in urban countries who still believe black cats are transformed by witches and they bring all sorts of bad things to life. 

Chinese has the same belief as well. Chinese belief if a black cat happens to jump over a dead body, the dead body will resurrect. What a joke!

  I miss the wonderful AHU! :"(

Monday, 28 October 2013

Saturday, 26 October 2013


If there were an animal Olympic for self-grooming, the cat would win the gold medal. Cats are enthusiastic self-groomers, spending a large amount of their waking hours grooming. So addictive is the grooming behavior that after throughout cleaning itself, a cat will often attempt to groom a companion, whether another cat, a human, or the family dog. Mother cats are dedicated to cleaning their kittens. It is not unusual to hear a young kitten squeal in protest as 'mom' holds it down and licks, licks, licks. A cat may groom meticulously after being petted, possibly in an attempt to remove the scent of the person who touched it.

The above video shows how Kurimu turns to be so obsess licking hubby's hair! 
Best view picture resolution: 720p HD

Anyone having experienced the rough kiss of the family cat realizes that the feline tongue is not smooth. It is actually covered with hard, strong,backward-facing hooks called papillae that are very useful for cleaning the cat's coat. Acting like a comb, the tongue removes dirt, oils and loose hair as it licks the coat. The cat will use its tongue to lick all the parts it can reach. A grooming session typically begins with a thorough licking from shoulder to flank followed by the underside, tail and hind legs. Special attention is paid to cleaning around the anus and genital regions. Paws are inspected, biting any debris that may be stuck in the hair between the pads. 

Once the cat has groomed all the areas it can reach with its tongue directly, it moves on to grooming the difficult to reach areas like the face and behind the ears. Assuming a sitting position, the cat will continuously lick the inside of a front paw and leg until it is wet. It then rubs the wet paw along the side of its face and cheeks, around the eye, the forehead and behind the ear. Once it completely  cleans the side of its head,it changes paws and repeats the procedure on the other side of its face.

So efficient is the abrasive tongue at removing dead hair from the coat that the cat often ingests so much loose hair that it forms a ball in the cat's stomach. Unable to pass through the digestive tract, the cat usually vomits up the ball of hair. If the hair does enter the intestine, there is a danger it may become impacted in the gastrointestinal tract. This is one reason why it is important to comb your cat frequently, especially during shedding season.Long-haired cats need daily grooming. Short-haired cat should be groomed at least once a week.

Although Kusky is a super-short-haired tom cat, I still have to do combing for him in every next three days, this is to prevent serious hair fall inside the house. While for Kurimu, once in a week is more than sufficient. Most of the time i find bunch of flying hair balls at home, especially just after they play fight! 

I tried a few kind of combs, unfortunately they don't work well until I bought a 'Furminator'. No doubt that this comb really helps to remove excessive hair fall that is trapped under the coat. Imagine I just did roughly 10 times of combing for Kusky and this was what I got! Most of the time I could get roughly 5-6 bundles of hair balls (as big as what is shown in the photo).

If I collect this, I am sure I could make myself a high neck sweater!!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cat's Facinating Facts

The Japanese waving cat - Maneki Neko, is the figure of a cat with a raised paw as if to say hello. It actually represents a cat cleaning its face. In many cultures there is a belief that if a cat cleans its face, rain will follow. The sharp senses of the cat detect minute environment changes that precede the weather pattern, making a cat uneasy. The cat cleans its face to ease its anxiety.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Friday, 18 October 2013

Kurimu (145) - Sitting & Relaxing

 photo IMGa_7785_resize_zpsff7e0279.jpg
Hurr... tomorrow is Friday?

 photo IMGa_7787_resize_zpsf22376be.jpg
Ah... wrong information...

 photo IMGa_7788_resize_zps56179dd8.jpg
I see front...

 photo IMGa_7789_resize_zpsdab5e7b4.jpg
I see left...

 photo IMGa_7790_resize_zps5265cb60.jpg
I look up....

 photo IMGa_7812_resize_zps8e4ab14c.jpg 
Harrr.... there you are!!!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kusky (144) - White Belly

I couldn't resist to put my face on cats' belly, especially on white belly! Unlike other animals, cats have baby powder smells on their body, especially at the tummy!

Look at this big boy! Soooo adorable!!

   photo IMGa_7534_resize_zps5d1479df.jpg

 photo IMGa_7540_resize_zps78be443d.jpg

 photo IMGa_7545_resize_zps8421dd21.jpg
Fluffy white belly

Monday, 14 October 2013


Perhaps one of the most unique feline characteristic is a cat's innate ability to balance itself and land on its feet when falling from a height. While not infallible, a falling cat is usually able to twist itself around to land on its paws. This is called the self-righting reflex. A kitten begins to demonstrate this reflex at 3-4 weeks of age and it is usually perfected by the time the kitten is seven weeks old. 

The vestibular apparatus of the inner ear of the cat contains 3 semicular canals. Like a carpenter's level, these structures work with the brain to sense and maintain balance. When a cat falls with its legs higher than its body, impulses from the vestibular apparatus are analyzed at lightening speed and combine with visual information to transmit a message to the cat's neck muscle to orient correctly. 

Because the cat has a highly flexible spine and floating collarbone, the head is able to twist into an up-right, horizontal position, independent of the rest of the body. Next the front feet rotate until they are facing the ground. Finally the hind legs swivel around until the cat has completely balanced itself in mid-air.

The hind legs touch down first, relaxing to act as shock absorbers. The spine arches to further minimize impact and the front legs relax to lessen the possibility of injury. Like a sky driver, a falling cat will reach a point in its fall where it is no longer accelerating. This is terminal or maximum velocity. The average cat reaches a speed of 60mph (100 km/h) after falling from 5 storeys high building. Small size, light bone structure, thick fur and spreading the legs to slow down the descent.

Once a cat has balanced itself, reached maximum velocity and is no longer receiving the stimuli to balance, it goes into 'free fall' and relaxes. The relaxed cat is less likely to sustain injury as it lands.   

Following is one of the most popular youtube  video about a jumping cat and how he balanced his body while falling. It was viewed by more than 2,000,000 viewer with more than 22 thousand likes!
Watch this!

Sunday, 13 October 2013


Generally, the size and shape of the average domestic cat has remained relatively constant throughout its association with man. Whether sprinting after prey or stalking in slow motion, the cat is built for speed and coordination. A cat in good shape can run 30 mph (48 km/h). The cat is a sprinter, however not a long distance runner, like cheetah.

Cats are digitigrade: they walk directly on their toes, moving around like a ballet dancer. Cats are capable of walking precisely because they place each hind paw almost directly in the print of the corresponding fore paw, minimizing nose and visible tracks and providing sure footing. The cat, the giraffe, and the camel are the only mammals that walk by moving the front and hind legs first on side and the the other.

A cat is able to jump more than 5 times of its own height in a single leap. When preparing for a jump, the cat closely observes the place in intends to jump to, calculating the distance and exact angle before making the leap. Like Ninjinsky, the cat jump with style and elegance no matter the distance, the tail acting to balance the cat in the air. Rarely does a cat injure itself, even when the jumps are very large or a landing is miscalculated. 

Jumping down is a little more difficult. Most cats try to shorten the distance they have to jump by putting their front paws as close as possible to their targeted ground. They push off with their hind legs.

Saturday, 12 October 2013


The cat is famed for its inexhaustible curiosity. Its inquisitiveness is the result of the mixture of its lively intelligence, highly tuned senses, and its evolutionary instincts as a predator.

I observed my two cats at home and I realized each of them has different level of curiosity. The things that catch their attention are different too. I noticed Kusky is not as curious as Kurimu. Kurimu is urging to know about everything: searching the fridge, running into my wardrobe and cupboard, sneaking inside the storeroom without us noticing (sometimes he was trapped in the store room for half a day).... If we are eating at the living hall, he will jump up to the coffee table and wanting to know what we are having!

He is so busy body! :)

   photo IMGa_5575_resize_zpsf67358f8.jpg 
He is sniffing and trying to find out what we are having!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Kurimu (143) - Hugging Toy

 photo IMGa_7531_resize_zps478bfcd7.jpg 
Initially LEO is a pencil case. I inserted cotton into LEO's 'stomach' and making LEO hug-able. Look at Kurimu, he is hugging LEO while making his sweet dream! :)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Kurimu (142)

 photo IMGa_6666_resize_zpsd2a1850e.jpg 
Kurimu is such a sweet boy. His big round eyes always remind me about Puss in Boots. Kurimu makes my heart melt! :)