Monday, 30 December 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (171) - Warm Nap

Mom loves cats like I do, but definitely not in her house or on her sofa and bed. These two little monsters thought they could just be themselves like when they are back home in Melaka. They rolled and slept on the warm and soft sofa. Surprisingly, mom didn't chase them off. I guess her heart must have been melted by these two!

 photo IMGa_8165_resize_zpse0ecc90c.jpg

 photo IMGa_8171_resize_zps6cbc19cc.jpg
Kusky chose his place near to the window, he enjoyed sun bathing.

 photo IMGa_8172_resize_zps21120435.jpg

 photo IMGa_8175_resize_zps98090cc6.jpg

 photo IMGa_8177_resize_zps4aea7bc1.jpg

 photo IMGa_8178_resize_zps40a2ebba.jpg

 photo IMGa_8180_resize_zps30e40794.jpg

 photo IMGa_8182_resize_zps2d59502f.jpg
I guess it's too bright for Kurimu, that was why he buried his head into the sofa.

 photo IMGa_8183_resize_zpse0b795a6.jpg

br> photo IMGa_8174_resize_zpscecc3b4b.jpg

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Where Can I Find A Cat?

There are many sources where you could find a cat:

A Reputable Breeder
If purchasing a pedigreed cat, it is best to buy directly from a reputable breeder. Cat breeders can be located through cat clubs, visiting a local cat show, advertisements or on the internet. When you purchase a pet kitten from a breeder who shows their cats, the pet kitten has received all the extra care, nutrition and attention to genetics as the show kitten in the same litter. <ost breeders offer a contract with a written guarantee, although the conditions of the contract may vary. If you have purchased a pedigreed kitten as a pet from a breeder, there are generally two possibilities regarding registration papers. The breeder will either give you the pink and/or blue slips signed 'not for breeding' and 'spay/neuter' or they will withhold the papers until they have received your veterinarian's confirmation that the kitten has been spayed or neutered. With the paper in hand, you can then register your kitten. 
Not all private breeders are reputable and the informed buyer should interview breeders to separate the good ones from the bad. The term 'Backyard Breeder' or BYB is used to describe a breeder whose primary motivation is making a profit, often resulting in producing substandard, unhealthy kittens.

Temporary Foster
Now a day, there are many 'temporary care takers' who adopted kittens or cats from the street, especially those who needs special care or has potential to re-home. We often called them 'foster'. Most are volunteer foster home, they are either financially independent or are depending on public donations. You can often find a pedigreed cat from a breed rescue for a significantly lower price than from a breeder (normally foster will only charge for spaying/neuter fees + vaccination fees). You must pass a rigorous screening test before your will be approved as a prospective home.
I adopted Kurimu from a foster named YC in PJ, Selangor. I found Kurimu from a website called 'Petfinder'. I remembered YC sent me a series of serious questions before she says 'yes' on my request to adopt Kurimu. The questions are like: Do you have any other animal at home? Do you keep your pet in door or out door? Will you spay/neuter your cat when the cat is ready to be desex? YC told me many people get annoyed of being asked, but not me, I fully understand why she did so and I was so glad that she seriously look for a great home for the kittens. YC told me many approached her for Kurimu, but finally I was the lucky one to bring Kurimu back, all the way from Melaka to PJ and PJ to Melaka on the same day! I only paid RM300 as fees to adopt Kurimu (one vaccination and some basic medical care and check-up).

Free to A Good Home
If you are looking for a mix-breed kitten, word of mouth or a classified advertisement may lead you to someone with kittens to give away. Unfortunately the result of failure to spay an outdoor cat. Question the owner about the kitten's history, whether it has had vaccinations and any illness in the litter. Ask to see the mother cat in her home environment to evaluate her temperament. You will also get a better idea of the conditions the kitten has been living in, whether there is any indication of illness in the rest of the litter and the condition of the mother cat.
One of the best website to find a 'free to a good home' cat or kitten is 

Humane or Animal Shelter
With the exception of a no-kill shelter, kittens and cats at a humane society are almost always destined for euthanasia if not adopted. Adopt a cat or kitten, giving them the second chance and you will definitely feel saving their life is very rewarding! The drawback is that you will have very little information about the kitten's medical or genetic background. Shelters charge an adoption fee, which often includes vaccinations and neutering.
The two most popular animal shelters in Malaysia where you could adopt a cat or a dog from are: PAW & SPCA.

Pet Store
Pet store is an ideal place to buy food and accessories, but definitely not the best place to purchase a cat or a kitten. Most pet stores get their animals from 'kitten mills', a commercial operations breeding for profit and not to preserve traits of the breed. There is some risk as to whether such kittens will be of good temperament or health, the parents cannot be seen and often little or no information is available regarding their background or breeding.
If you insist to buy from a pet store, you must ensure the kitten looks healthy, active, has clean eyes and ears, and no sign of skin problem or respiration problem. You definitely has to bring your new adopted/bought kitten to the vet for a thorough health check, including some blood tests to ensure your kitten is free from critical illnesses.  

Friday, 27 December 2013

Choosing Your Cat

Once you are sure a cat is the right pet for you, there are more decisions to be made before you actually go looking for that special feline. Do not be seduced into purchasing an appealing kitten on the spur of the moment. Consider your lifestyle and preferences before choosing a healthy, well-socialized kitten with the needs, temperament and personality that best work with you and your family.

Male or Female
If you do not intend to become a cat breeder, the sex of your kitten is immaterial to its role as a family pet. While some people swear male cats are more affectionate, others passionately prefer a female. The truth is that since most kittens are neutered or spayed after six months of age, there really is not a lot of difference between the sexes. It's more important to look for the right personality that suits your lifestyle, instead of limiting your choice based on the sex of the kitten.

Mixed Breed or Pedigree
Mixed breed is often known as 'Moggie', in English it means cat of unidentified parentage. Mixed breed kittens are readily available and less expensive than pedigreed cats. When choosing a moggie, the only drawback is that you have little information about its medical or genetic history, so have a vet examination before losing your heart to a kitten that may have a major health issue. On the other hand, you may have fallen in love with a breed's look and personality. Perhaps you are considering showing your cat or eventually breeding it. The advantage of a purebred, more correctly called a pedigreed cat is that it is more of a known equation. It offers predictability. While cats are individuals and vary, cats of the same breed are more likely to share the look and have almost similar characteristics. Seek out a reputable breeder who has carefully chosen quality breeding stock and is skilled at rising and socializing kittens. A good breeder normally is willing to provide expert consultation or advice to kitten buyers even long after the original purchase.

 Kitten or Adult
All kittens are cuteness overload! It's hard to resit any of the kitten. While a kitten requires an enormous amount of time and care, it is compensated by the delight of watching it grow and develop. However, an older cat may be a better choice if you lead a hectic lifestyle or have children under 3 years old, who may be too young to be trusted to treat a kitten gently. 
For various reasons, a new home might be needed for an adult cat due to divorce, allergies, a change in family circumstances or a pedigreed cat may be retiring from a breeding career. Grown cats have the advantage of maturity and are already vaccinated and neutered. There is also the satisfaction of providing a home to a cat, that if not for you, may never find a home since people naturally gravitate to kittens. One thing to consider: adult cats in shelters may have been turned in due to behavioral problems, typically bad litter tray habits. If selecting an adult cat from a shelter, try to determine the reason its last home gave it up.

Special Needs Feline
You may want to consider adopting a special needs cat, one that is blind, an amputee, or has a health problem that is managable with medicine, such as diabetes. Often considered adoptable, opening your heart and home to a special needs feline is rewarded with love and companionship that more than compensates for the extra care that may be required.

Long Hair Or Short Hair
The grooming requirements of a long haired cat such as a Persian are significant. Even a mixed breed with semi-long hair will require regular combing to avoid matting. A short hair requires less grooming, but the shed hair may be more difficult to remove from clothes and furniture.

One Cat Or Two
Having only one cat at home: the cat will be very attached to human; having more than a cat at home, especially if they grown up together and enjoyed a lot of play time together, most probably they will be more attached to each other than to you. 
In actual fact, having two cats are more than twice the fun and less than twice the work. Once you have adjusted your lifestyle to accommodate a cat, adopting another one requires little extra effort. Having two cats at home are very entertaining, as they play and interact with one another, adding an extra portion of fun to the home.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Cats' Facinating Facts

On September 6, 1950, a four month old kitten belonging to Josephine Aufdenblatten of Geneva, Switzerland, followed a group of climbers to the top of the Matterhorn in the Alps.

More story at

Monday, 23 December 2013

Kusky (170) - Which One Is Real?

Can you spot the different? Which is real?

 photo IMGa_8201_resize_zpsbec0830f.jpg 

 photo IMGa_8204_resize_zps51b489ba.jpg
Haha! There you are! The real one turns his head away!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Kurimu (169) - The Hoodie Kid

'Hoody Kid' is a term used in UK to describe kid/teenager aged around 9-14 or 15, who perform road bully to the other kids or adults. Some 'Hoodie Kid' could be dangerous, this was due to many fatal road bully cases were done by the so call young 'Hoodie Kid' who normally do not get much attention from their busy parents.

I took some photos for Kurimu the other day and it ends up keep on reminding me about the term 'Hoodie Kid' --- Kurimu looked mischievous, naughty and smart in these photos!

    photo 20131029_220624_zps59ba13e9.jpg  photo 20131029_220635_zps4d20b028.jpg

Monday, 9 December 2013

Meow - the Most Common Language

Recently a research was done in US to find out the language use by different nation in describing different animals sound. Surprisingly the result showed that the most common language used in nation wide, understandable by all is the word: MEOW!


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (168) - Stalking

These photos were taken at my parent's house in Kota Bharu. They kept on stalking 'something' that kept on by pass the front door. I enjoyed watching them from far. The way the stood up...hahaha...was extremely cute!!

 photo IMGa_8160copy_resize_zps006a908c.jpg

 photo IMGa_8159_resize_zps96946189.jpg

 photo IMGa_8162_resize_zps9df3021c.jpg

 photo IMGa_8163_resize_zps39f1118e.jpg

 photo IMGa_8187_resize_zps95116e00.jpg
Watching together!
 photo IMGa_8189_resize_zpsd6fdfef5.jpg 
This was what both Kusky and Kurimu were stalking, one of the senior citizen cats staying with my parent --- Simba!!
Initially Simba was my adopted kitten. I brought him back from PJ when he was just a few days old. we hand fed him until he was able to consume solid cat food. When he was 8 months old, we did not have a choice but having to leave Simba with my mum. He has been staying with my mum since then. He is going to be a 9 year old cat by next year.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Kusky (167) - Furkids Corner

In door cats need a lot of toys to stimulate them all day long. That is why we set up a cat corner for them. Besides this corner, of cause, they are free to run around the house, from ground floor to first floor and the other way round.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Kusky (166) - Anniversary

We bring Kusky back home on 1st December 2012. Oh Yes! He has been with us for a year since then!

Happy Anniversary for staying with us and be part of the family! IMG_1196_zpsf22a69fd photo IMG_1196_zpsf22a69fd.jpg
When Kusky was still very small...

IMG_0764_zps9cd5fea5 photo IMG_0764_zps9cd5fea5.jpg

Getting A New Cat - Points to Consider

Cat is a special creature, beautiful and elegant in form, with mystery in its eyes and music in its purr. The unconditional love and companionship provided by owning a cat is enjoyed by millions of happy owners around the world. When you decide to invite a cat to be a part of your life, you will be rewarded with a lifelong friend, but the decision to adopt a kitten is not one to be entered into lightly. 

Welcoming a feline member into the family is a major commitment and responsibility and not a step to be taken impulsively. When seeing a cute and adorable kitten looking into your eyes (and you are looking into his or hers too), you shall not let your heart rules your head. You shall seriously consider the financial costs of owning a cat and how much time you are willing to spend to play with it. Although cat is always known as solitary animal, this doesn't mean they could find their own food and water, they could play by themselves and do everything by their own. They still need human friends to cuddle them, pat them, play with them, feed them and love them! 

There are a few important points to consider before bringing a new cat home as part of the family members. You should consider all the below costs and responsibilities seriously before making your decision and commitment:

Choose good quality cat food formulated for your new kittens or your new adult or senior cat. There are plenty of reliable brands available in the market.  Premium cat food is normally grain free and high in protein, but it doesn't mean it's good and suitable for all cats.Some cats need special care (e.g: diabetes and bladder problems), therefore It's good to consult your vet or reliable pet shop to get recommendation.
It's good to feed your cat with both wet and dry cat food. Please do not feed your cat with human food, it's forbidden to give them the same food you are eating as your food contains ingredients that may harm a cat's health (e.g: high in sodium).

Litter Tray and Litter
It's essential to prepare a litter tray for your cat, especially if you plan to keep your cat in door. A cat needs at least a litter tray. When you have more than a cat, it best to keep at least an extra litter tray of the total number of cats you have. Example: 2 cats with 3 trays, 3 cats with 4 trays and etc.
There are various litter available in the market: Clay Litter, Cristal Litter, Pine Litter. Each works differently. I personally prefer clamp-fragrance clay litter (easier to scoop and clean the litter) and pine litter (smells of nature and able to cover odor, last longer and more economic).

Spay or Neutering
Assuming you are not planning to have your cat's offspring, you will have to spray/neuter your cat. Spaying/neutering cat may be costly too. Local government based animal clinic may be a good choice, but your cat may have to wait for a long time for his/her turns to come. Therefore spaying/neutering cost is something you shall take into consideration while adopting a new cat home.

Vaccination & Annual Checkout
Your new cat, regardless of whether it's a kitten or an adult cat, they need vaccination. With new technologies and research in medicine, most vaccination come with 'all in one'. 2-3 first vaccinations should be injected within 3 consecutive months, it follows by one renewal injection yearly. 

De-worming is needed in every 3 months. You may consult your vet whether your newly bought back kitten/cat needs to be de-wormed.

Dental Care
A cat may require regular yearly teeth cleaning, especially as it enters middle age.

Emergency Veterinarian Care
Like human beings, cats may fall sick due to changes of weather and temperature and other health crisis. You must have sufficient money to support your cat for unexpected veterinarian fees.

Occasionally you may need to be away for a few days or weeks due to business trips or vacations. If no one (friends, family members or neighbor) is able to help you in taking care of your cat when you are away, you definitely will have to send your cat for boarding. The boarding fee normally ranges from RM10-RM30, depending on the type of package you bought (some include grooming, some boarding centers provide food). 

Suitability to Your Home Life
It's important for you to imagine how your life will be and changed after having a new kitten/cat at home. There are many other factors that you should consider before making any commitment. The common factors that you should take into consideration are:
- If you have children, are they old enough to understand how to treat an animal?
- How far you can accept for the interaction between your kids and the cat?
- Are you going to have a 100% in door cat or a cat that is free to go in and out the house? If you allow it to go freely, can you tolerate with the fact that he/she is bringing in dirt and flea into the house?
- Can other family members help to take care of the cats too?
- Is anyone in the family allergy to cat?
- Could you other pet accept this new comer?
- How much time you can spend with your cat daily?
- Is your house 'friendly' for your cat? Meaning with no breakable materials placed inside the house (e.g: vase, glass)?
- Do you have enough room for your cat?

This video was taken during Kurimu's first day with us. Kusky was excited and curious!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Cats' Facinating Facts

Whiskers are also an indicator of the cat's mood. Whiskers point forward when the cat is inquisitive and friendly. They lie flat on the face when the cat is being defensive or aggressive.


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Kurimu (165) - Furious

This is how Kurimu will react when he is getting furious...

Best view with 720p high definition quality. 

Best view with 720p high definition quality.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (164) - Waiting to Go to Bed

Kusky & Kurimu sleep with us almost on every night. When we go to bed a bit late than normal, this is what we will see...

Both of them will be waiting for us patiently on the way to our bed room...

Sometimes I feel sorry for them. They are sleepy but I don't feel like going to the bed yet...

Poor kids....

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Kusky (162) - The Pomelo Kid

It is very common for Chinese to have pomelo during latern festival (also known as mid autumn festival). After having the pomelo, we decided to make pomelo skin as a bob-cut wig for Kusky...


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Kurimu (161) - Deep Sleep

I guessed he shall already be in REM stage....

 Look at his adorable face....

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cats' Facinating Facts

Cats purr at around 26 cycles per second, the same frequency as am idling diesel engine. A cat's purr may be able to heal bone fractures, increase bone density and control pain. Scientists discovered that vibrations between 10-140Hz aid bone growth and help heal fractures, torn muscles and ligaments, reduce swelling and relieve pain. A cat's purr not only matches this vibration, but its dominant frequencies are 25-50Hz - the optimum frequencies for bone growth and fracture healing.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (160) - Morning Bird Watching

Bird watching is an 'every day must do activity' for both of them. Normally they will wake me up around 6 to 6:15am, then leave my bedroom, go to the toilet at down stairs, then ran up to my bedroom again, jumped above the short cupboard that place next to the window and started to observe any movement outside the window. 

Unfortunately they can't stay long on week day as I need to rush to work before 8am. They could only enjoy their 'bird watching activity' on weekend morning. They waved their tail when there were birds flying past my window; they chattered when birds stood on the electrical cable or lamp post in front of my house. 

While they enjoyed watching the birds, I enjoyed watching their 'vase shape' back! Their backs are beautiful, don't they? :)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Cats' Facinating Facts

Cats almost never meow at another cat. They use this sound mainly to communicate with humans.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (159) - Exploration

We don't have a garden. When Kusky and Kurimu had the opportunity to explore my mom's garden, they really went behind every pots, exploring every single corner of the area.

They were so energetic and playful. I should bring them to our neighborhood play ground more often.

 photo IMGa_8128_resize_zpsd1c6fc18.jpg

 photo IMGa_8134_resize_zpsea15fe12.jpg

 photo IMGa_8144_resize_zps2bee6e66.jpg

 photo IMGa_8147_resize_zpsfbb38753.jpg

 photo IMGa_8150_resize_zps27e1e144.jpg

 photo IMGa_8151_resize_zps8fd4c38c.jpg
He must be curious what was the creatures that jumping around in next door's garden --- They are rabbits!!!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Kurimu (158) - Chattering

Earlier on, in one of the article posted entitled 'Communication' did mention chattering is one of the ways cat express their feeling and 'saying' things to human being.

The above video was taken in last June. Kurimu chattered when he saw a cat teaser above him. He wanted to play, yet so lazy to stand up. It's funny! :D

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Kusky & Kurimu (156) - Long Distant Journey

Last August, hubby and I brought Kusky and Kurimu back to my home town. It was a 10 hours car journey, traveling through at least 1/2 of peninsular Malaysia. From East of peninsular to West of peninsular, crossing at least 6 states within 10 hours (from Melaka to Selangor, then KL, Pahang, Terengganu and lastly Kelantan).

It was Kurimu first long distance journey from south to north. Unlike Kusky, Kurimu was uneasy, walked up and down from one place to another in the car. He was trying to find his way out of this scary, shaking, loud moving machine. We tried to place him inside the cage for his safety, unfortunately he meowed even louder when he was kept inside the carrier. 

After hours of meowing and loituring, finally Kurimu decided to stop and sit quietly at the back with Kusky. 

These are some of the photos taken while we were on our journey from Melaka to Kelantan and vice versa. 

 photo 20130808_135316_zps5a36dc20.jpg
Kusky is not the type of kitty that likes to be stroked, pat or carry. However, he will become extremely attach when he is in a moving car. I suspect he always get dizzy when riding on a car. He prefers to sleep on in my arm while traveling.

 photo 20130808_140933_zps2c342458.jpg
The only time where Kusky is so attach and wanting to stay in my arms is when we travel in a car.

 photo 20130808_082008_resize_zps6df44902.jpg
Kurimu was anxious. He kept on meowing and loitering in the car. He continued to do the same thing from Melaka to KL, roughly for 2 hours.

 photo IMGa_8115_resize_zpsab7d57df.jpg
Finally Kusky was put to the back seat. I guess Kurimu must be tired too. They sat together and sunbath in the car.

 photo 20130814_104934_resize_zps4bfa086d.jpg

 photo IMGa_8120_zps9d2b2972.jpg

 photo 20130814_103334_zps05595ed1.jpg 

This photo was taken when we were on our way driving back from Kelantan to Melaka. We stopped by a local petrol station for a rest and look at what this little orange cutie did! He managed to catch people's attention and they stopped to peek into our car.