Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kusky (31) - Meeting New Friends

 photo IMG_3949_resize_zps661efaed.jpg  The only time Kusky had chance to play with other cats was before he leaved the nursery. He has been staying solo since we brought him back.  Back in my parent's house during last CNY, Kusky was curious to find out more from the other cats. He kept on sniffing non-stop, trying to smell them from behind, he tried to be friendly. Unfortunately the rest of the adult cats did not welcome his present. Although Orange is a very good tempered cat with great personality, Orange resist to let Kusky stay near to him too.  Poor little Kusky, no one wants to play with him.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Kusky (30) - Walk the Meow~~

 photo IMG_3938_resize_zps63857eff.jpg  Unlike AHU, Kusky is comfortable to walk with us while having leash on him. Every time when I bring him around with a leash, it makes me feel like I am bring a little white tiger for a walk. This photo was taken at my parent's garden. Hubby was the one that walk him around. Kusky was excited to the new surrounding, all the plants, the grass and to the other 4 veteran cats that own by my mum.    He looks so handsome and macho in this photo!! 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Kusky (29) - First Time Visiting KB

It was Kusky first time visiting my parent's house. He is such a sweet boy. He slept on my lap for the entire journey from Johor to Kelantan, we were about 10 hours on the road! Kusky is a highly adaptable kitten, which is a good news for hubby and I as we love to move here and there quite often. No matter where he goes, as long as the surrounding is not too open, he just need a while to adapt to it. Especially with us around, he is always fine in new area. The picture below was taken in my parent's house. Look at what he did? He slept on my mum's small sheet of carpet next to the glass doors where he could enjoy lots of warm sunshine!   photo IMG_3924_resize_zps19335ca3.jpg  photo IMG_3988_resize_zpsa6742c32.jpg  photo IMG_3997_resize_zps2b23aaac.jpg

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kusky (27) - From Kitten Turning to Adult Cat

 photo IMG_2548_resize_zpscf75cd10.jpg  Many do not know cat changes teeth like human too. Kittens have a deciduous set of teeth that are gradually shed during their growing phase. Not to mention people who do not have cat as pet, it is also very uncommon for owners to notice the teeth changing over since the process is gradual, and the teeth are small. A shed tooth can be found on the carpet or floor, cat's toy, sofa, cat tree.... I once found and kept one of AHU's shed tooth. The above photo was taken during Kusky was about 4-4.5 months old. Normally, the process happened when the kitten is in between 3.5 months old to 7 months old. Look at the photo! While the old teeth are still hanging tight to the gum, the new one has emerged big and sharp!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Kusky (24) - Sleeping At The Sofa

 photo IMG_2434_resize_zpsb00a53ae.jpg Since the first day he joint our family, he always sleep under the sofa. After months, he has grown up so much and I think he is no longer fitting in where he used to sleep. Now he moves here...    photo IMG_2443_resize_zps22a0e6be.jpg  photo IMG_2449_resize_zps74da8dec.jpg  photo IMG_2437_resize_zpsa1267d7a.jpg Adorable!    photo IMG_2463_resize_zps7c1cf6be.jpg

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Kusky (23) - It's Bright!

 photo IMG_2430_resize_zps8413f78a.jpg  Cat lovers definitely know this fact: cats like to do sun bathing, but they don't like their face to be exposed under the bright light. What they will normally do is either: 1. half of the body exposes under direct sunlight and another half (upper part of the body) is under the shade.  2. shade their eyes with one front paw or both front paws. If you don't understand fact number two, please refer to the picture above. Yes, Kusky is showing the example!