Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Kusky (45) - Portrait

 photo IMGa_4250a_zps8326d682.jpg

Kusky (44) - Scratching Pool

The first thing Kusky does after waking up from his sweet dream is to do pool scratching on his cat tree.  photo IMGa_4347_resize_zpsc837a099.jpg  photo IMGa_4348_resize_zps4abc7e1b.jpg  I just love to see the way he scratches the cat tree!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Kusky (43) - Sexy

I personally thinks Kusky looks really sexy in this photo. What do you think?  photo IMGa_4317_resize_zpsdd2f07fc.jpg 
 As sexy as this lady....hahaha!

Kusky (42) - Leaving Foot Prints Behind

If you have anything that is made of tempered glass at home (e.g: kitchen stove), you definitely know that it's not easy to remove any finger prints/marks/stains from its surface.  Unfortunately my coffee table and TV cabinet are made of black tempered glass too. Kusky left lots of foot prints on top of them... Well, that explains why I have lots to do every day! :)  photo IMGa_4321_resize_zpsc17e011d.jpg  photo IMGa_4323_resize_zpsf5357b06.jpg  photo IMGa_2183a_resize_zps06ec2205.jpg

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Kusky (41) - Growing Fast

Kusky is growing fast from a kitten towards an adult cat! Sometimes I am in the dilemma: I want him to grow and yet I want him to stay as playful as a kitten. In the month of March, Kusky remains at 3.3kg. Although he is still considered as small, he has full strength to struggle from my arms or to kick me away when I put my face near him. He could make kick that is as strong as a horse! No matter what he has done to me, I still love him! Love you Kusky!!  photo IMGa_2220_resize_zps49a2128e.jpg

Kusky (40) - Paw Licking

 photo IMGa_2217_resize_zpsbc7a89f7.jpg

Friday, 26 April 2013

Kusky (38) - Bird Watching

Bird watching is one of the routine activity which needs to be done by Kuskt at least once daily. He will sit on one of the cars (normally mine as it's higher) and looked at sparrows that fly over. Besides birdies, people who jogged by pass our house will also catch his attention. Kusky is a kitten with high curiosity.   photo IMGa_2167_resize_zps35f9e66d.jpg  photo IMGa_2209_resize_zpsf79c14b1.jpg  photo IMGa_2211_resize_zpsf6b5dc4b.jpg  photo IMGa_2215_resize_zps0ca881c7.jpg  photo IMGa_2171a_zpsba310d0a.jpg

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Kusky (37) - We Want To Adopt Another Kitten

Recently Kusky likes to spend long hours sitting on my wet kitchen table top, observing back yard activities through kitchen's window. I noticed, he get very excited when he sees stray cats walked by. I guess Kusky must be lonely to stay at home alone most of the time. Hubby and I have decided to adopt another kitten so that both of them could accompany each other. I have been actively looking for cats around Melaka, however it's not easy to find one that we like. Met up with one local breeder last week, also met up with his kitten. It was a semi mixed Persian. Unfortunately we prefer short hair cat. Thinking of adopting another ginger color, red or blue short hair tabby.  If anyone of you knows someone is giving away kittens or selling kittens with reasonable price, kindly pm me. Thanks!  photo IMGa_2156_resize_zpsc44426f2.jpg

Monday, 22 April 2013

Kusky (36) - On Sofa

Most of the time, Kusky likes to spend his time and has his nap either under the sofa or on his cat tree. Occasionally he climbed on the sofa to do self-cleaning or had his short/long nap there. I notice, he will be on the sofa after we on the air-conditioner for long hours, when the room temperature is very low. I guess sleeping on the sofa could help him to keep warmer.  photo IMGa_2107_resize_zps62ff5aba.jpg Hi handsome! Preparing to sleep?  photo IMGa_2108a_zps572933f3.jpg  photo IMGa_2172_resize_zpsfc9cb36a.jpg  photo IMGa_2173_resize_zps0cefcd37.jpg  photo IMGaa_2194_resize_zpse2895459.jpg Ah Sai (Kusky's soft toy) will accompany him while having afternoon nap...

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kusky (35) - Home Sweet Home

Kusky has been away from home for more than a week. These photos were taken on his first day in Melaka after returning from Johor and Kelantan for long holidays.  photo IMG_4230_resize_zps47d446b6.jpg Kusky kept on rolling on the land that he is familiar with. He was marking his sense all over...  photo IMG_4233_resize_zps2a073803.jpg  photo IMG_4237copy_resize_zpsb4779cc1.jpg  Handsome cat! Love him! :)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Kusky (33) - Back In Mom's Garden

 photo IMG_3957_resize_zps3b708b2f.jpg  photo IMG_3961_resize_zpsa38f1be2.jpg I super duper love this photo!! One leg up makes him appear to be extremely cute!  photo IMG_3964_resize_zps29922c09.jpg Wagging his long-fat tail while something really caught his eyes...  photo IMG_3975_resize_zpsc5091de9.jpg  photo IMG_3978_resize_zps733d7b2d.jpg

Wednesday, 10 April 2013