Monday, 4 January 2016

Kusky & Zafiro (453) - New Discovery

One of my cousin brother came to Melaka the other day to participate in a bike race. So he brought his extremely expensive bike and keep it in my house to the next day race.

My 2 fur kids were so excited when the saw the bike. They try to sniffed, touched, explored and learned about the bike.

One funny story: Kusky kept on meowing at me when I was in the living hall. As usual, I know he is trying to show me something or wanting me to open the kitchen door for him. Therefore I just followed. In the end, he brought me to the bike, and looked at me, meow again loudly. Hahaha.... I told him yes I know there was something different in the house. I pat his forehead and he just walked away after that. Sweet little kitty! 

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